Monday, May 3, 2021

Sunshine & Palm Trees

Having just escaped winter we decided to take a 
family trip to see some sunshine.  It was my nieces first time on
a plane that she can remember.  (As a baby she did fly once)
The last time my sister and I were in Florida together she was 3 and I was 7.
So lets just say many many years ago.
This trip was all about my 13 yr old niece and
giving her a vacation and memory
 she would have always.

She would have loved to go to Disney world but we'll 
wait until this whole Covid mask debacle is over with
and restrictions are raised.
Our favorite time was at Discovery Cove.
It was the best day !
It was an all inclusive swimming experience.
I loved snorkeling in the big pool with
fish and sea rays.

We swam with Dolphins which was on Ella's bucket list.

My sister and I
We did some shopping that my niece loves.

Since we just found out we will be Grandparents...

Ella found this this ride online and wanted to do it.
The car drives in the water and becomes a boat.
We did lunch with the Orcas at Sea World

Ate at lots of great restaurants!

Ella on the top floor at Planet Hollywood
Ella also wanted to see the ocean so we drove
a few hours to spend a day at the beach.
It was a wonderful day at the beach.

Ella's Sign & Flip Flop!

Friday, April 2, 2021

Starfish and Pebbles

I sculpted Starfish for the first time and I like how it came out.

I was asked to make a bird bath that emulates a tide pool 
which these are examples of...

I had so much fun with it I created 2 of them.
This one has shells around the rim...
I like the starfish so much I think I'm going to make some in fun colors to hang in my bathroom.
Now they are is slow drying mode in hopes that all
comes out ok in the kiln firing in a few weeks.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Birds & Butterlies

Here it is all done and glazed.
  I love how the glaze came out.
The Leaves are something new I tried
in layering glazes.
See how there are brown tints one the edges.
I love it!
And the branch coloring came out just
how I wanted it!  Now a real
bird can sit on this branch and take a drink
when the bird bath is filled with water.

My little male sparrow...

A hanging butterfly feeder or waterer
for anyone's butterfly garden.
They need a drink
also and here they can safely 
get one without drowning!

Another one.... Look for more to come.
They are a pretty addition to any garden.
They can be hung on a sheppards hook and placed 
in the center of your flower garden.