Monday, June 7, 2021

Spring Garden Tour...

I have been busy in the garden getting things planted.
Red and Purple is my favorite color scheme,
and I feel like it connects it all together to have the same
color scheme at the front of the house.
Everything is small and just starting to
grow here in Michigan. I like to take pictures
of how it looks at the beginning of the season and
how big it grows.

I'm quite happy how my Clematis came
back from last year.

My husband landscaped very nicely around the deck
and the basement patio. Last year that 
was all just grass growing there.
My herbs from last year just look beautiful and full!
This year I will let them flower for the bee's.  
I have all the herbs I need.
My favorite are these little purple flowers
falling over the rock wall!
I planted flowers to attract butterflies 
and humming birds all around our yard.
Aren't these beautiful?
My happy place....
This is a butterfly garden I put in this year next to this
patio.  Hoping I will be able to sit and watch them
come to the flowers this year.
 My secret secluded down stairs patio.  Wisteria I planted last year is starting to bloom.  You can also see the giant Columbine plant that I planted from a seed at our old house.  It looked so tiny and
little when I transplanted it last year and look at it now!
One of my favorite views!
I repainted these wood and iron wall
hangings I had and wired pots on them
to dress up the downstairs patio wall.  Look my bearded Irises 
bloomed this Spring from my old house.
This year I added flower pots around the deck and pond with flowers.
My veggie garden is all planted.  I also
have pots of flowers around the
garden to make it look pretty and
encourage pollinators to come visit.

All the fish survived their first winter hibernating in the pond.
These beautiful heron statues were a Mother's Day gift
from my son and his soon to be wife.
I was thrilled to see my water Irises blooming!
At night it just looks magical I think.  Lots of
twinkle lights.
Truely a dream come true and my little private paradise.

I was quite happy my little baby lilacs bloomed that we planted last year.


Another Iris I didn't know I even had..

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Zuk & Bunny

This is the Picture that started it all...
So I had been searching for a large breed dog to adopt.
I was getting discouraged as I was getting no where.
So one day I decided to broaden my search requirements
to 200 miles from my home and these
2 heads popped up on my screen.
They were in Cincinnati Ohio.  I immediately
filled out the application and included pic of my 
large fenced in yard, my house and of my beloved 
Angel May with a long story about her.
I was told they don't adopt out farther than 75 miles away.
So sorry we weren't eligible.
However I kept emailing.  See Zuk is 8 1/2 yrs old.
That's very old in dog years.  The thought of him
dying in a shelter just was so heart breaking.
Finally on 20 April a member of the 
shelter called and said yes they had to
discussed it with all the board members, and our home
looked like a good home for them.  I literally
jumped up and down!
On 24 April at 7AM we headed to Cincinnati.
It was 4 1/2 hours one way.

Their first time in their new yard.

They warmed up quickly to their new home!

The Dog beds didn't last long.  As they had a
couch at the shelter.
They love the big yard and running around in it.
They are so fast, I swear they are faster than my horse.
Sometimes I just have to pinch myself and 
I think I can't believe this is my life!
I am so truly Grateful for all 
these Wonderful Blessings
God has given me. 
I am so grateful I found them online and that the rescue STAF allowed
us to adopt them.  I had told my husband after Angel died
I don't even look forward to Gardening without a dog in the yard
keeping me company, and now I have 2!
My neat and tidy Livingroom went out the window!
and in it's place came Happy Dogs and lots of Love.
I have never met such affectionate, loving dogs. 
We just love them so much!
My niece with them...

Good morning cuddles on a Saturday morning!
Old man Zuk sticks to me like glue.  He is my
protector, and puts himself in front  of me 
when I answer the door.  They both go downstairs
at 5AM to be with me when I work out.

We haven't really introduced them to the cat or rabbits. 
They have seen them over the baby
gates, but the fact that there are 2 of them and
they could gang up on them sort of nixed it for me.
I'd rather keep everyone safe.

So Thankful
So Grateful
So Blessed!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Sunshine & Palm Trees

Having just escaped winter we decided to take a 
family trip to see some sunshine.  It was my nieces first time on
a plane that she can remember.  (As a baby she did fly once)
The last time my sister and I were in Florida together she was 3 and I was 7.
So lets just say many many years ago.
This trip was all about my 13 yr old niece and
giving her a vacation and memory
 she would have always.

She would have loved to go to Disney world but we'll 
wait until this whole Covid mask debacle is over with
and restrictions are raised.
Our favorite time was at Discovery Cove.
It was the best day !
It was an all inclusive swimming experience.
I loved snorkeling in the big pool with
fish and sea rays.

We swam with Dolphins which was on Ella's bucket list.

My sister and I
We did some shopping that my niece loves.

Since we just found out we will be Grandparents...

Ella found this this ride online and wanted to do it.
The car drives in the water and becomes a boat.
We did lunch with the Orcas at Sea World

Ate at lots of great restaurants!

Ella on the top floor at Planet Hollywood
Ella also wanted to see the ocean so we drove
a few hours to spend a day at the beach.
It was a wonderful day at the beach.

Ella's Sign & Flip Flop!