Sunday, January 13, 2013

Awesome weekend..

It didn't start that way when
 I was replacing the parts in the toilet tank
and the tank slipped out of my hands
 and broke.   Home Depot and Lowes sell
individual tanks but not in almond
to match my toilet. So had to get a
whole new toilet.   ARGH!!!

TA DA!!!  My new installed toilet

that I put in all by myself....and no leaks. 
Out of my breaking the old
 tank I now know how to
install a toilet!  Who would have thunk it!
Today I finally got back in my studio
 which I haven't worked in
since before Christmas.  Miss
Murphy sits with me on her perch,
She's a little cling-on and will
 call "mama" at the top
of her lungs non-stop until I
bring her along.  It makes me smile,  I am
so grateful she is back to her old self.
Very beginning phase of a new painting I started today.
My horse Hottie and Whisper