Thursday, March 23, 2017

New Painting Progress

My Dad is having health problems with heart and
kidney failure which is stressful and leaves you feeling
sad and helpless.  Art is a great stress escape.
I haven't painted in a while so I thought time to break out the brushes.
   What better subjects that these two big sweeties.

Boo Boo (Benny) & Hazel 

I cherish everyday with Boo as he is 6 yrs old
and I am told the average lifespan for a
Flemish Giant is about 5 yrs.
They truly are gentle giants and I want to capture
them on canvas. This is my progress so far...

you can see the picture I am working from above

The background has been filled in. 
The dark colors are the first layering of fur colors.

Here you can see the red under colors appearing

A few close ups

I'm happy with his progress so far.  Lighter shades
will be added over the darker tones.

My plan is to do another canvas of
Hazel laying in the opposite direction.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Where it all began...

I wanted to share my very first paintings.
  My Dad was in the US Military so we traveled and
 moved through out my childhood between the US and Europe.
  We lived in Zwiebrucken Germany
 from 1977-1981.  It was a lovely place.  Kreutzberg Kaserne
was an Army base situated at the top of a big hill above Zwiebrucken.
It no longer exists.
I found this picture online.
The DYA was a Defendant Youth Activity which
was for the children of the soldiers.  They had
activities for kids.  Different sports teams, classes, dances
& field trips.  So it was here I took my
first oil painting class in the 3rd grade.
This was my very first painting.
I always colored and drew but never painted
before this.
 My mom was thrilled and had them framed
My 3rd grade signature
I bet the lady who gave the class
who was most likely a Military
Wife that gave the class to earn
a few extra dollars had no idea
that by doing so she would open
such a significant door in my life.
I now cannot imagine not
making Art! 
They hang in my studio as a memory
of when making Art truly began for me and of one of my
most favorite places that I ever lived.
~Another view from the opposite side~
 I was happy to find these pictures
online.   The Elementary school is to the left of the DYA.
I wish you a Wonderful Weekend
where you can make
great Memories!

Friday, March 10, 2017

My Easter Decorations

There was a time I didn't decorate for Easter...
What was I thinking?
A time to display Bunny Stuff all over the house!

I decorate my Easter tree with real eggs that I
have blown the yolks out through a small
hole that I poke at the top and bottom.  
The ribbons hide the small hole.  This is
a German custom I grew up with.
I then also made these bunny ornaments. 
I created a paper pulp with old paper
that I mixed in the blender.  You can find
different recipes on Pinterest
I then poured the pulp  it into metal
chocolate molds that I collect.
I painted and decorate the tails
with fluffy feathers to add some flair.
This lovely bunny was a find in
a small out of the way gift shop
my husband got me on a weekend getaway.
I love the little basket he carries on
his back. 
A little spring display on the coffee table.
The bunnies a gift from
my step son Cameron. 

I love cloches!  I put one of the
nests under it.  The big eggs
I made out of Paper Mache.
This pretty little glass house was a gift
from Cameron too.
The Easter door wreath I made.
Again these bunnies I made using one side
of a mold similar to the one below.  I used
plaster of paris for these.  They are heavier,
but show more of the mold detail than
the paper mache.  You can also
set wires in the plaster so you are able
to wire them  to a wreath.
My front door as you walk up.
It's still cold here and snowing
out as I type.  I made
a the little purple wreath to
put around my bunny statue
by the door.

Nothing is green or sprouting so cuttings
are still in my dirt filled pots.
I just removed all the berries and pinecones. 
I use evergreen, boxwood
and different greens I trim in my yard. 
I am looking forward to Spring!
and hope you  have a Great Day!



Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bunnies & Nests

I have been busy.....working on Artwork which I will share in
future posts.  I redid my Blog header
and background - Did you notice? I am
working with my horse and training goals I have with her.
I made some spring nests to use in my Easter decorations
and I laid them on the floor to take a picture of them

Hazel hopped over to snoop and nibble on them.
I thought, ohhh that would make a
cute Easter big buns and the spring nests

Hazel is such a good girl and give her
treats and she'll sit there

Benny or Boo as I call him is another story.
He takes the treat and hops away to eat at a safe
location where no one can get it from him.
He has always been an extremely timid guy. 
He doesn't like anything
out of his comfort zone. I find now that
he is older the slightest thing will
scare him and he flattens himself like
a pancake or runs into his cage for safety so I don't push him.
He is 6 yrs. old  which I am told is very old for a giant.

He was not cooperating.  He wouldn't scoot
over in front of the backdrop!

This was the best I could get of them together

and for fun with a filter

Hazel was more cooperative

She is just the sweetest big girl
and sat there.

So I gave up.  Then Finn had to come in
and be nosy and I got these
beautiful shots with my cell phone

I love this one!
He's so beautiful!

So even with Boo being uncooperative
I did end up with a few great pics!

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Spontaneous Surprise

I never really told the story of how I came upon Henley
so I thought I would share...

At the end of March 2016 I was
out getting some supplies,
when  I just took a peek  into a pet store. 
A little lion head mix bun was there. 
 I was told it was a male and this man
 had bought it for his kids and returned it.
 Most likely the typical Easter mistake!
 I notice how sweet the bun was
 it was and how it wanted to be petted
and did not run from me in the cage.

I am not an advocate of pet store shopping
and prefer rescues but I just couldn't
get this bun out of my head.
I kept thinking what a waste that someone
bought him and returned him and now he's
stuffed in this tiny cage.  Argh! So we later returned and my
husband bought him for me for my birthday.
They said the man returned him because
he was a male and they didn't want him
to mark his territory in the house.  Obviously the
previous owner did not do his research on
neutering but whatever.
I took their word for it that it was a male.
This bun was shy and skiddish
and I wanted to earn it's trust so I took
the baby home and tried to not
do the things it didn't like.  Like being picked up. 
I made an appointment to neutering. 
I didn't want my Giant buns to
smell him and start marking territory.  
The vet called me right before surgery to
say he was a she!  and they spayed her.

So Henley has made great progress.

I find it ironic that they said she was returned because they
didn't want "him" to mark territory in the house because
it was a male and She has the best potty habits
of any rabbit I have ever had.  She has never peed
or pooped outside the litter box!  Ever!  Bun's sometimes
leave little poops.  Not her.

Her only downfall is she took it upon herself to
use the cat litter boxes, and she is a digger

and will leave a nice mess like this
I have put a cover on to remedy this.

I have worked with her and she doesn't mind being picked up
as much.  She will let out a little grunt occasionally.

At times now she can have a bossy attitude with the cats.

we cuddle each night in bed

she knows her name and will sometimes
now come when I call her

She has been a little chewer...

She lives cage free all day now and just spends
nights in her kennel pen.

Henley and Finnegan hang out together a lot.

So even though Miss Henley was a spontaneous
addition to the family
I think it all worked out pretty well for everyone!