Friday, May 10, 2019

I had limited time this week but
 was able to make these...

Even with a very distracting Parrot...
And this one because I never tire of bunnies...

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Natascha's Inspirations: My flower Inspirations~~

Natascha's Inspirations: My flower Inspirations~~: This dish was designed to be a large bee waterer.   I googled colors and it said bee's are attracted to  blues and greens.  So yo...

My flower Inspirations~~

This dish was designed to be a large bee waterer.
  I googled colors and it said bee's are attracted to
 blues and greens.  So you could add glass marbles
 or pebbles in the bottom and just add water.

or it could be put on the bottom of a nice pot like the one above
and become a bird bath. My glazes are food safe so it is up 
to you what you want to use it for.
Bee's are not the easiest thing to make out of clay
and have them remain sturdy enough to dry & fire
I think these Bee's came out cute. 
I was really happy with how it came out and it's hard
for me to not just keep everything for myself when I love it.
The detail on this one took me some time.
You have to realize it's a minimum of 3 coats to get the glaze
thick enough and you can't have any color
dots or drips on light colors like the yellow 
or it would look a mess.
This little Chickadee Bird Bath was a custom order
and is on it's way to NY
for a Mother's day gift.

I am a fan of plaids so
why not on a bowl?

This  one will also be available without the stand.
The stand fits it perfectly!  I will gladly send
you a link of where to get it on Amazon.
This one is just a little dish that
could hold some jewelry on your dresser.
These will be posted for sale on Esty just
as soon as I can box them up and weigh them
for shipping cost.  

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Weekend Getaway!

Last weekend was my husbands 50th birthday
and he hates parties so he opted to
get some warmth and sunshine in Florida.
  It was really nice to feel warmth
and see green things growing.

We strolled through a botanical garden.

The best part was riding horses while they swam.
I was worried that these guys would
have a hard time with us on their backs
But these horses were very large powerful horses.
The horse power of him swimming was enough to 
push me out of the saddle.  I had to hold on so
I didn't get washed off.
It was a fun little get away.

Lots of Michiganders like to go to
Florida for the winter.  I just don't see it.
I wouldn't want to live there... 
southern climates are not for me.
It's great for a visit though!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Being Creative....

A few new creations.  This one I made for myself.
I am so thrilled at how it came out!
It looks pretty on my side cabinet.
This Butterfly waterer is available
in my Etsy shop
the photo below from an old butterfly 
calendar was my inspiration...
Having my own kiln has given me the opportunity
to try out so many new ideas.

This photo is the inspiration
One of my favorite flowers is wild violets
some people regard them as weeds
but I don't!
These below are in the kiln being bisque fired

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

All This for One Little Goldfish!

For many years I had a 40 gallon fish
tank in my art room with goldfish in it.
My favorite big Goldfish that I named Bubba has been
with me for well over 6 yrs.  He was the sole survivor of
our pond fish babies that all fell victim to a Blue Heron.
So that's why "he" came inside.  Anyway he got bigger and bigger
and I felt like he was too big for the 40 gallon. I thought sadly
I'd move him back with the pond fish since it was the more
humane thing to do...even though I loved looking at him while I did Art.
Well he didn't seem to like it with the pond gold fish
and he didn't look like he was going to make it.
He was floating sideways.   So I got an early Birthday Gift
from my I could bring Bubba back up to my Art room.
I love, love, love it!
Bubba looked in bad shape.  He had sores on his side.
The pond fish must have ganged up on him even though
he was bigger. Now I am happy to say he 
seems to be back to his old self.
I love sitting and watching them.
It took a few weeks to get totally clear water.
It has to do with the good bacteria eating the bad bacteria.
Bubba had 3 big open sores on this side and now just the black dot is left.

These two bigger ones were with Bubba before...
and when I put them back together I swear
it was like they all swam up to greet each other again
I love this gray ones eyes!
Hazel coming to see what I'm doing.

Yes I know it's another thing that I now have to care for and 
clean but I just love it so much. Doing my art and looking over
at them swimming so pretty.  My brother was into
fish tanks.  Getting this tank all set up made me think
a lot of my late brother and I'm pretty sure he'd like
my tank even though they are Goldfish and 
not a fancy salt water aquarium.