Monday, February 11, 2019

New Pretty Items in Etsy

Here's a sneak peak at some new items
coming to my Etsy shop this week!
A lovely Monarch Bird Bath

A large Dragonfly garden plaque...

This bowl was meant to be a bird bath,
but you can use it in the garden or on your kitchen table.
All the glazes are food safe.

I designed this winter Rabbit to be an accent
in my winter planters like below.

This soft muted
Bird & Leaf Birdbath

A hanging bird bath!
Look for Bee & Butterfly waterers also
coming soon!

Friday, February 8, 2019

A Bunch of Sickies!

Didn't do any Art this week.  We dealt with a bunch
of sick animals.  Saturday night at like 11:30
we got home after rushing Angel to the
Emergency vet.  She threw up huge amounts
and then was having trouble breathing.
So we had x-rays, and a quick heart ultra sound
and blood work done but it didn't 
show anything, so the vet was guessing
she had an upset stomach. I know Duhh!
But we had to rule out the major stuff first.
So we got anti-nausea meds, and dog Pepto
to coat her throat and stomach.
She was about due to go back to our vet for a recheck
on her blood for her thyroid to adjust meds.
Then Wed she looked really bad.  Turned out she
had a temperature, and she had a gastro infection
that needs to aggressively be treated. Our vet
also didn't like the rate that her hair was growing 
back and thought her meds might need to be adjusted again.
Not easy to get lots of big pills down a dog
that doesn't want to eat anything!
Then Hazel wasn't eating and my stasis meds 
weren't working so I took her in to the vet.
She got some shots of the meds which made them 
kick in faster.
So as of today she is eating again.  The vet did see
one tooth that was a bit irritated.  She did see the beginnings
of a cataract forming for Hazel.   That didn't make me
happy as Benny has them badly now and really cannot see.
They are all getting older.
Hopefully they are both on the mend and will be feeling
all better by the end of this weekend.  My big plans
for the weekend are to catch up on sleep, love my 
fur babies and maybe play with some pottery clay!
Wishing you a Great Weekend!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

I didn't post last week but I
have been busy making a few things.

I am trying out this high fire clay that I want
to use with some mid-range glazes.
I was advised it may do fine or it may not.
So I wanted to come up with a few simple pieces
for a trial run.  So that if it doesn't work out.
it's not on something I spent a long time on.

These two are little ones.
This one is a functional idea I had for something
in my house.  If it works out I will show you in a future post.
 Another small simple dish...
My bee/butterfly waterers were liked so I made a few more.
They will hang from metal chain hangers.
I have also been on an organizing kick.  
Trying to got through my closets and art stuff
a little bit each day. Getting rid of stuff
I don't need or plan to use in the future.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Year....New Items

I worked on glazing a few new items
and thought I would show the before
glaze colors and the after
it being fired pics.
I love the colors but
in a few spots I think 
it bubbled in the kiln and popped
and left a few dots with no glaze.
So I will re-apply some glaze and refire it.
I love how this one came out!

These two, I didn't have a before pic.
I am trying to get them posted on-line.  
I just haven't had a chance to get
to it yet after work.
I feel like I am fighting off
a bug.  Taking lots of vitamins
and trying to rest as much as
I can with this Big Baby Girl
and the rest of the crew!
She is starting to come out of her shell
and play!
Still working on getting all the animals to
cohabitate without lots of baby gates.
It will be a while. I may not even try with the
big buns as Benny cannot see much 
and I feel no need to stress him further.
I am happy to see her putting on weight
& her hair is growing back.  I could tell she was
so sad from being dumped off.  It was
very traumatizing to her.  She is on
anxiety medication now which helped greatly.
It breaks my heart when
we go on a walk and she see's a person
she stops and stares at them a long, long
time.  I think she is looking for her old
people.  So I am trying to make her
feel wanted, and loved and at ease.  So 
the video of her playing all by herself
just brought me so much happiness!

Friday, January 4, 2019


We adopted an angel on 27 Dec....
yes her name is Angel!!!
So we lost Jake that you can see under "My Animals"
that is pictured to the right in May of 2017.
He was 14 and had heart failure.  He
was a great dog that came from the Humane Society.
I hoped for a big dog.  Great Dane, Bull Mastiff  or St Bernard.
We were trying to go through rescues that had dogs that would
 fit in our household with our critters but the rescues we encountered
were not friendly or helpful.  So on Dec 27th I told my
 husband lets just go to all the shelters and see
what we see.  So we went to several.
Didn't see any big dogs. Then we pulled up to the
Oakland ASPCA  I noticed the clock read 11:11. 

I should mention that over the past years I notice
repeating numbers throughout my day. Like 1111 or 2222.
I have read that it can indicate that you are
on the right path you should be on.  So coincidence maybe....
but I choose to believe we were
meant to find her and for her to
find us. When we walked in
the first dog I came to was Angel. 
She looks pretty sad.

She obviously was neglected
She was 96 lbs. when she
was dropped off at the shelter.
Her papers said they
couldn't care for her.

My husband and I went to lunch
to think about it.  It brought me
to tears thinking of her there.
I told him I want to get her and
so back we went and my husband
got her for me.  We took her
back out of the kennel and this is
a pic of her at the pet room
while we filled out all the
info for her.

from the shelter to home...

She got a nice Serta foam bed.  I tried
it out and you can't feel any hard
floor underneath.

The shelter vet prescribed medicated
baths 2x per week.

Currently we are keeping
Taz and the bunnies
separated from her while
she gets settled in.


She does fine with Murphy
and listens well when I tell
her to "leave it" meaning not
to sniff Murphy.

Such a wonderful surprise to have her.
I can remember when I was in 1st or 2nd grade
and we lived in Fort Bragg NC and this person
on our street had a St. Bernard.  I would go
down there every week and knock on their
door and ask if I could pet their dog. 
Now 43 yrs. later, I  have my own St. Bernard!

She goes on walks everyday
as long as it's not raining
or too bitter cold with her
lack of fur.

Yesterday she went to the vet.
The vet thinks her thyroid might
be a problem so we did a test for that a
and are waiting on the results.
She weighed in at 105!

I think she is adjusting to
her first week with us
fantastically!  I will keep you
posted of her progress!