Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Where do I get Inspirations?

I am inspired by nature, animals and my garden.
I love my Red Echinacea or cone flower that inspired this bowl

First I throw the bowl on my potters wheel
  I allow it to harden up for a day
then I go about cleaning up the bottom
of the bowl.  Then I  sculpt and apply the
accents to the bowl.

Each item is one of a kind
and hand made from scratch.

This violet bowl inspired by this...

Then they are slowly dried so they
do not crack.  Once dried the details
are again fine tuned by hand.

Inspired by Daisy's
in my Garden.

They are then bisque fired.
Once they come out they are then
glazed by hand.  The glaze is carefully applied
around the details.  Some glazes cannot be applied
over others because I don't like how they
look after they are fired.  So there is a lot
of meticulous painting of the glaze to ensure
the end result is what I want.
A a minimum of 3 coats
of glaze are applied in each color.
Then they are glaze fired.

This poppy bowl inspired by
Poppies pictured below.  Just like in
nature each item is one of a
kind and different in it's
creation. A different shape or a
different thickness. 

I hope to make ordinary objects such
as a bowl look pretty.

They are all glazed with non-toxic
food safe glazes.
So they can be used with food or
to hold simple objects on your furniture.

I hope you can appreciate
how each of my creations
is made one at a time with
much care and
attention to detail.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Michigan Annual XLV Exhibit

I am excited to share that my Benny Boy painting
was chosen by jury to be in in the

 I feel honored and excited
to be included with all
the entries from the State of Michigan.
I hope to expand my art
horizons, meet other artists
and make inspiring art in the future.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Last Years Goals

So last year I made a bunch of goals
or resolutions for myself.   
I didn't accomplish all of my goals but
I think I accomplished more than I would
have had I not made the list. 
1.  Famiy/Friends - I feel like I accomplished working
on expanding friendships this year.  I hosted a few get
togethers and set aside time to get away with friends for
a girls weekend. Plus went out many times
through the year with old friends and new ones.
2.  My Horse Training  
I am really happy with all that
I accomplished with my horse
this year. I have to say I owe so
much if not  everything  to the
trainer that I love and work with Carol.
She helps me to see things differently and
try different methods that I would
not have discovered on my own.
I love that she does everything
practicing natural horsemanship
which is how I like to do it.
In a nutshell this means
training your horse
with very light communication &
aids.  Nothing harsh or
hurtful to get them to
do what you want.
You can see  my goals:
I think I was a bit ambitious with the tarp while
cantering goal but hey- probably one day.  Hottie was a
horse that would spot a blue tarp clean across a field and
snort at it in fear.  So the fact that I can drape it over her
and do all we have is great.
I love obstacle trainging, I think
it's just fun and it
builds up their confidence to trust you.

Hottie is a very confident horse with other
horses around.  She is herd bound
and so it's hard to get her to ride off
with just her and I.  We did work on
getting her to ride the trails with just her and I.
My goal as I approach 50 is
not to ever fall again....
it hurts too much at my age!
I think its important to always
work at having her
learn new things.  I
use the most lenient bit I can
and have changed bits 2x this year
going to a lighter bit each time.
I am so proud of how she listens to
me and the results I have gotten from
her this past year. 
She has become much lighter and
so responsive to my ques that
I have to pay very close attention
to every thing I do or I will
accidently que her to do something.
I love my girl
3. Spiritual Faith-  to me this is a private thing.
I have made an effort to
learn & focus on my beliefs in some
 way each day..
4. My art goals. - By this I
meant more towards the business end
of my art  This I am pretty pleased with. 
I have really expanded my art in
the pottery field.  I redesigned my header, business
cards and mailings when people buy my art.
I also opened an Etsy shop this yerar! I started
a Facebook Page:
and  Pinterest
Check them out and follow me!
I do plan on having giveaways
when I can build up some inventory.
I also have entered an Art
Exhibit and am waiting to
hear if I will get in.
5.  Health and Fitness-  This one I didn't accomplish
my grand goals.  I would say I moderately
exercised.  Walking when weather permitted
on my lunch and buying a stepper that I
could use in my office.  I just need to be
more strict with myself
6.Hobbies/Interests.  I did complete my Benny portrait.
I would say and I think my husband would agree
I have made more art in the last year than I
have in the past 10 yrs.  So I'm pretty pleased
with the amount I have created all while working on
all these other goals and working full time.
I am so thankful for a husband
that supports and helps
me fulfill all my dreams....Like buying
me a wonderful kiln for my birthday!
7.  Reading-  ok on that one I kind of sucked
I can't remember reading one physical
complete book all year.  Geez! Just not
enough time in my day.  I did however
listen to 13 audio books while
I drove or at work. So that kind
of counts doesn't it?? 
8. Blog-  Well like I said earlier- I have
redesigned my header and background.
It matches all my business papers.
I have been posting weekly. 
You can see I've double my
posts in 2017.
9.  Home Improvements: 
I accomplished most of them.  I'm still on the
fence if I want to repaint my kitchen.
 I'm not 100% there yet, I'm still thinking
about it.  My # 1 favorite redo of the year
was the garage and getting my
own kiln.  I love using it.
10. Service/ Contribution-  I am not going to
post what I did because I think it's wrong
to boast about things you did for others.
I will say that I did things in private
to try and help people that I felt
could use it.  I also feel like it
is important for me to try and make
 people happy with my
artistic abilities.
I would say overall it was a good year.
Although loosing Finn was my
worst  loss this year
I miss him!
Putting it in perspective though
My Dad had several scary
medical crisis's that I wasn't sure
he'd be able to survive, but with
God's grace he did.  We were so
grateful to have him with us this
  One of my favorite
surprises this year was me
raising Monarch Butterflies. 
It was accidental, but I loved it!
I think all in all I was
really surprised at how
much I accomplished this year.
So I think me listing my
goals helped me to focus on a plan.
I'm hoping 2018 will
be full of lots of new
accomplishments and good surprises.
It's a big year...
I will be turning 50 this year!
I can't even believe I am
that old!  I haven't made up
any goals yet for 2018.
I have to think about it!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Creations

I was off work the week between Christmas and New Years.
Last year I didn't take it and I was so annoyed to be working
 when so many people were off.  I planned & took it this Christmas.
I was verry productive.  I will share a few off my new creations
 and more in a future post.  I finished this painting of Benny-
or Boo Boo as I call him now. 
His mate Hazel will be a future painting in the same pose.   
What do ya think? 
I was able to throw a few pots on my pottery wheel
and add decorations
I just added this bunny impulsively
 and love how it came out.
This was a gift for my horse trainer. 
The 3 horses depicted are her horses on her farm.
This sunflower bee plaque was a gift
for a dear old friend of mine that
is a bee keeper now.  She sent
me raw honey from her hives and it
is to die for.  Such a much better taste
than store bought.
This is a close up on the wiring I create on her plaque
and a close up of the detail on the bee.
I also created custom horse ornaments
painted to resemble the horse, with
their name inscribed in the clay.
I used feathers for the tails.
If you'd like to order one- Message me.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Evening with the Girls!

I was feeling festive this year
so I had a few get togethers
with my friends to just sit, relax
and do something fun. At one we
made tree ornaments and at
one we decorated horse tack

I organized all the supplies that
I thought we could use.
I have collected a bunch of supplies
over the years, for projects I want to
make.  You find the best deals at summer
yard sales. They practically give it away!

Since I have limited space I put
 the supplies on TV trays.
I also collected many
ornament ideas from Pinterest.
I printed out the pictures for the girls
to look at when making them.

Then I had some snacks and food.

These were the horse inspirations
I found on Pinterest

This is a decorated horse bit
for non-horse people.

We had a fun time.


sharing stories

snacking on good stuff.

Murphy had to be there...

checking everything out!

It was a great time!!


And everyone got
to go home with a masterpiece
they made.

My horse shoe door hanging
made from one of
my horses shoes. 

So host a fun
 gathering with your
friends or family and
create a fun holiday
memory for yourself!