Monday, May 21, 2018

Newly Built Mobile Planter

Since we finally warmed up in Michigan I have been 
in Garden mode.  So this has been my inspiration for the 
last few weeks.  The past few years my tomatoes have not done well,
I think due to how shady my garden area is most
of the morning.  I decided  to build a 
mobile planter so I can go where the sun is!

I doodled out how I wanted to build it.
I wanted to insert Rubbermaid type
bins so that the wood would last
longer and not be wet from the dirt.

It was pretty easy to build and went together quickly.

 Here I was determining where the shelf would go to hold the bins up.

My parents bought the building supplies for
this for my Birthday.  So I continually
sent pics to them showing progress.  I wanted my Dad
to see how nice and level it was.
I inherited my handiness from my Dad,
and I wanted him to see
it was being built just as he would do it.

My husband and I did it together!
I figure out how to do it and we do it.
We work really well together!
I'm grateful that he always
supports my little projects and is such
a good sport!

It's very sturdy.  We used wolmanized wood
and glued and screwed it all together.

It just make me happy to have an idea and
then see it all come together.

We drilled big drainage holes in the spaces
between the supports so that
it won't drain on the wood. 
Murphy wanted to check out the bins.

At first I tried staining it with a green colored wood stain.
I didn't like how uneven it looked.  It was really 
hard to get an even tone.  So I got and
opaque green water proof stain in the 
same color.  I am really happy with how it
came out.  Yes it was a pain in the butt
painting 2 coats but it should hold
up for many years to come.

The wheels are heavy duty and support 350 lbs. each.
With the bins being  deep I wanted to be sure
everything would hold up nicely.

I'm in love with the color and I think it's attractive.
It's rolls easily too.  I can roll by myself.

I hope maybe this might give you an idea
if you want a planter in a space and 
need it to be portable.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hank's Anniversary!

Little Man Hank has been with us
a year now.  He was totally unplanned
but turned out to be the most
wonderful addition. 
He has been adopted by a
pair of Flemish giants and spends
all his out time cuddling with them.

He loves his little wicker tunnel.
He enjoys getting low calcium veggies every day
& treats with the big buns.  He has
learned to demand them quicker by
banging on the cage bars loudly
with his teeth.

Hazel acts like his mama.
If I pick him up and he squeals
she will come running to
check that he's ok.

He likes old Benny Boo too,
but Ben will be  7 next month
so he's an old man that likes to snooze.

Occasionally he does offer his head
for Hank to lick... I don't
think Hank quit gets bunny

Snuggly always....

Many times Boo is the
center of attention getting
loves from both his admirers.

I think it's safe to say
Hank loves
his new home.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Violet Bowl Giveaway

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Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Henley's Progress

Henley has been 2 yrs.
 with us and I thought
I would share some of
her progress...

She is different from the big buns and not as out going.
She is more timid, but we have made progress.
In case you wonder why there are more
big bun pictures, well they are in
your face - ALL the time! Looking for food!
Henley is more reclusive.
Every night we watch TV in bed and cuddle.

Although she doesn't have another bun, she does
have Taz and previously was closer to
Finn before he passed.  I just don't have the
room to try bonding two rabbits downstairs
so she will most likely never have a bonded buddy.

She has investigated the big buns upstairs.
 She comes out more often
because I think she is more comfortable.

She's a pretty good girl- with just a
few chewing escapades and is out
all day in my bedroom, bathroom
and walk in closet.  She seems
 to enjoy her freedom.
 When I got her she was
in a tiny little cage.
Smaller than the cage my
 guinea pig has at night
and was not litter trained.

Her favorite spot is behind my bed.

 She has learned at night that she has go in her kennel
area. I tell her to go in her house and
and shine the flash light on my phone at
her.  That's her cue to go in her house
and she hops in her little cage area.
I didn't want to chase her or force pick her up
because she is very
afraid of being picked up.

She has her own bunny litter box
but decided herself to use the cat litter boxes.
She went through a phase where
she dug in the cat boxes.  I really did not
appreciate cleaning up the mess!
I tried not to get too mad since
she has always been so
good at using the litter box!
Pick your battles right?
She's had no mistakes or leaving little markings.
Perfect Bun potty habits!

I try to only pick her up
when I need to and I never just pick her up
immediately.  I pet her and talk to her for
a few minutes.  She seems more relaxed.
She doesn't "Love" it but she
doesn't freeze and get all
stiff and tense anymore.

She also doesn't run from me, and
will come over on occasion
on her own for pets.
She does give kisses or licks to me.

She's an example of how
a bunny can come out of their
shell if given the opportunity
and patience.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New Items...

I created a few fun pottery necklaces
and have them listed
in my Etsy shop.  They are in a
Boho style and a nice little accent
to dress up a simple t-shirt or sweater.

I also added this beaded ornament.

I hand drew out this rabbit on clay.
No molds were used. 
The details were carved into the clay.
  It is then dried and fired in kiln.Then hand
glazed on both sides. Once 3 coats of glaze are
applied  it is again fired in kiln.

I carefully created the unique wire
hanger using pottery beads I made and
other beads to make a pretty ornament for
rabbit lovers.  This ornament would look
great on an Easter tree or Christmas tree.

I will be adding 
other new items soon
so keep an eye out for them.

Also I'm running a Spring Sale
on a few items.  Check it out!
in the upper right hand corner
of this page...

Friday, April 20, 2018

A vacation for being 50!

My husband took me on a
getaway to celebrate me
turning the big 50!

We went to this resort in

The room was so nice and came with
a Butler to make all or any
arrangements you wanted.

It had a private patio that walked directly
into one of the pools.

Everything was inclusive which
was really nice.  You could try
whatever you wanted and if you
didn't like it get something different.

They had several restaurants or you could go over to other 
Sandal resorts on the island and eat at
other restaurants.

I tried paddle boarding for the first time
and kayaking.  I liked both they were fun.

It was so nice just relaxing and doing whatever
we felt like doing or not doing!

We usually went first thing and sat on the beach.
The cool breezes off the ocean were so nice.

It was nice to be lazy and sleep in.
Read a book under the palm trees

After dinner we usually went for a swim in this
smaller pool outside our room.

A little gecko above us
when we had breakfast...

Hammocks over the water!

My husband and I did ride horses in the water
and through the country side
which was fun!

I could have done without the
big yellow floatation device
around my waist! LOL

So many yummy drinks!

Everything just looked so pretty!

I even saved a little crab
that somehow made it all the way in the
hallway outside our room.
We carted him in an ice bucket back to 
the ocean.  Matt was like just leave it...
he'll be fine but I told Matt it's good karma. He'll 
never find his way back it's too far
too many obstacles on his own.
I said maybe then my gold fish at home
that was ailing would pull through
and for those that follow me on 
Instagram (natascha.rieper)
Bubba is alive and well! Yay!

Such a good time... but
Sadly...all good things must end

Farewell Jamaica!
Matt turns 50 next year...
where should I take him?