Friday, April 15, 2022

Working away

I know it's been a while since I posted but I
have been working away.  All good things
take time which it seems I never have enough
of.  Here are a few of the new pieces.  The starfish
bowl is a yarn bowl that a former customer 
requested. I gave this one a priority and worked on it
first before all others.  The thing is I cannot run
a whole big kiln for just one bowl so there are
others to complete with it.
This is a pansy bird bath...

with big fuzzy bee's on the flowers

A coneflower bowl
Columbine flowers on the rim of another
The yarn bowl all glazed...

Friday, February 25, 2022

For Christmas I got this Cricut from my husband.  I honestly
didn't even know exactly what they did...
But OMG this is the coolest gift I didn't know that I wanted.
It does so much.  It cuts vinyl, paper and fabric.
 Which you can use to cut lettering
or designs like the snowflakes.  I made this little frame below.

I added lettering to canisters and glass jars.

I was able to make us custom
shirts for our trip!
I love tie dye and I practiced
trying out a new way.

I made a custom pillow from photos of my dogs...
I made a door sign for a friend for her birthday
I made a sucker bouquet and custom mug
for a co-worker's farewell.
I put graphics on a little shopping tote.
and this is only a few months.  
I will be making like crazy with it.
I haven't even touched the surface of what it can do.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Girls Trip to Disney!

My niece Ella always wanted to go to Disney her whole life,
 so before it was too late we took her for her 14th Birthday. 
 Actually ,I think it was much better to go at an older age.
  She got to say where her dream restaurants were, so Uncle Matt
 could work so hard and get reservations for her.  
She also could figure out what she wanted to do
and she could remember and appreciate it better! 
For the 50th Anniversary the castle show was absolutely amazing. 
the color changing graphics, music and fireworks were a show
like no other ever seen.  Pictures don't even do it justice.
We have so many photos and videos!
The first day we arrived late due to a flight delay
and were starving and grabbed some hotdogs!
This is the entrance to our hotel lobby at Animal Kingdom.
Just beautiful!! Clean and amazing!
I made matching t-shirs for us all!

Our balcony overlooked the yard where animals strolled about!

It rained, and rained 3 of the days.  A real bummer but we became
real troopers.  Bought raincoats, used plastic bags in shoes to keep 
feet dry and marched on!
 The space restaurant was one that Ella picked.  It was designed
to make you think you were dining in space over Earth.
You took a space shuttle elevator to the space restaurant.
The food was the absolute best!

The Star Wars rides were pretty awesome too!
Thank goodness we had the fast passes!

Ella also wanted to Be My Guest at Beauty & the Beast's Castle.
Fun and delicious! 

Our favorite ride was Avatar.  E & I rode that one twice!
I think it was the most amazing ride, and
probably my #1 ride of all!

Took Ella in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.
  I can remember my Dad taking me up in it
 48 yrs. ago when the park first opened and
 I just thought that tree house was the coolest
 thing ever. Now my Dad is gone but 
Elle got to go and see it too!
We took lots of fun pics!

Us before Beauty and the Beast Castle...
I warned them that our feet would kill...
and they did!!!!
Still it was the best time ever!
and we will remember it always!