Friday, April 20, 2018

A vacation for being 50!

My husband took me on a
getaway to celebrate me
turning the big 50!

We went to this resort in

The room was so nice and came with
a Butler to make all or any
arrangements you wanted.

It had a private patio that walked directly
into one of the pools.

Everything was inclusive which
was really nice.  You could try
whatever you wanted and if you
didn't like it get something different.

They had several restaurants or you could go over to other 
Sandal resorts on the island and eat at
other restaurants.

I tried paddle boarding for the first time
and kayaking.  I liked both they were fun.

It was so nice just relaxing and doing whatever
we felt like doing or not doing!

We usually went first thing and sat on the beach.
The cool breezes off the ocean were so nice.

It was nice to be lazy and sleep in.
Read a book under the palm trees

After dinner we usually went for a swim in this
smaller pool outside our room.

A little gecko above us
when we had breakfast...

Hammocks over the water!

My husband and I did ride horses in the water
and through the country side
which was fun!

I could have done without the
big yellow floatation device
around my waist! LOL

So many yummy drinks!

Everything just looked so pretty!

I even saved a little crab
that somehow made it all the way in the
hallway outside our room.
We carted him in an ice bucket back to 
the ocean.  Matt was like just leave it...
he'll be fine but I told Matt it's good karma. He'll 
never find his way back it's too far
too many obstacles on his own.
I said maybe then my gold fish at home
that was ailing would pull through
and for those that follow me on 
Instagram (natascha.rieper)
Bubba is alive and well! Yay!

Such a good time... but
Sadly...all good things must end

Farewell Jamaica!
Matt turns 50 next year...
where should I take him?

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Happy Birthday Hottie!

I really wanted to celebrate my girl Hottie's
20th Birthday!  It's a big deal to me.  First off on
6 April I turned 50 and then on 18 April Hottie
turned 20!  I'm just so grateful to have her.
She is a lifelong dream fulfilled for me.
Since my earliest memory I wanted a horse.
I was a Military brat that moved
every 3-5 yrs. I couldn't have a horse of
my own.  15 1/2 yrs. ago my dream
came true!  In those 15+ years the two of us
have done so much together.
We have been together through
so many life changes.  I worked
extra jobs and cut many things out
of my life to make sure I always
had her and she had everything
she needed.
She has literally changed my life and
what I devote my time to.
So much so that when I took a recent trip
(I'll do a post on that later)
I made sure I wrote out a letter
on who I wanted her to go to if
my plane crashed & I died.  I
added my step son to my bank account
so that he could pay her board
for her.  It's a huge cost that
you really need to plan for. There
are so many horror stories out there
about animals.  I don't want my
babies to ever be one of them.
Miss Hot had no idea what her nutty
Mama was up to but she played along
and wore her party hat nicely!
 What a precious baby she was. Her  horse mama is still alive
at the ripe old age of 33!
 I am praying that I will have Hottie for her
whole life. By that I mean that I will
out live her.  I would never ever get rid of her
  She is my "heart" horse.
There is an undeniable bond between
us.  I can sense what she is thinking.
I am so very thankful to be Blessed
with my pretty girl!
Happy Birthday Hottie!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Out of the kiln....

Sharing a few new pieces that just got fired.
My radish bowl is my favorite in this bunch.
I love how the colors came out in this one.
This one I wasn't so thrilled with.
I was hoping for a bluer bowl
and purpler flower.  If those are words
I will re-glaze this one and see what happens...
this one I was expecting more of a greener
tone to the bowl and less orange brown
Here are a few of my ceramic bunny ornaments
I was happy with them and think I will keep them
these colors.  I have more that came out too
light that I will reglaze.
I love this green glaze.  I could use it
over and over.  I made this little pot
to hold my sponges in my kitchen.
Fits perfect on the corner of my sink
nice and neat.
I wonder if anyone would also
like these?

I am taking next week off from posting
on my blog.  I'm going to be
getting away and celebrating
being 50 years old !
I know they say age
is just a number but that
is a big freaking number so
I am gonna embrace and celebrate it!
Seriously I can't believe I'm that
number!  I didn't think I'd be
alive this long and am super
ecstatic that I'm still here!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

More Glazing....

Yes I am still plugging away on glazing....

Slowly but surely getting there
Trying to pay attention to
every detail.
This bowl should be shades of blue with
purple and blue pansies
I am hoping this flower will come out a
hot pink color.  I mixed glazes so I
am not sure what the exact
out come will be.
The bowl should be a green color
with variations.  I've never used
this glaze before and the leaves
a lighter green.
It seems like I have been
glazing forever but....
I am hoping to run my kiln this
weekend on Easter since I will
be home all day then.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


I have been working on glazing pottery pieces.
This week I have been working on my radish bowl.
Its still a work in progress as I am thinking of
painting a radish on the bottom of the bowl.
I  think that glazing takes more time than actually
making the item.  It's not like I just dip them in a
big bucket of glaze.  I am applying 3 coats of glaze and
painting around all the details I created.
Plus I try to add shading and painting
elements to the details in glaze.
At the moment I am able to glaze
one bowl per week
So I will keep plugging away at glazing until
I have a full kiln to fire.  Then I will get
to see how the colors all come out!