Monday, October 15, 2018

A Few Renovations

I have been working on renovating a
few things I want to use to display
some of my pottery at this artist market 
I am doing next month.  Above is one of  2 urns
that someone tossed out. I just happened to
be driving to work and stopped and
loaded these two into the back of my truck.
Cha Ching!
I'm thrilled though, because
I have wanted
urns like this for a while.
New they are pricey.
So FREE is awesome! 

The paint was peeling on the metal,
so I took a wire brush to them.

Then I spray painted several coats of rust-oleum
on them to protect the metal.

After that I brushed on several layers of colors
of acrylic paint.
I was going for the look of an
aged cement planter.
Then I sprayed clear protector over them,

and Wala!  I think they look like that now.

These are the inspiration for my next renovation.

I forgot to take a before...
but this was a garage sale find.  
Someone had slapped flat white paint 
on it very messily.  I was not pretty.
So this is my repaint job.
It will sit on top of a table to display
some of my smaller bowls.

I did have some bad luck in one kiln firing.
This lovely bowl is no more!
I have a full kiln that I will open tonight.
Fingers crossed that there will be better
results than above.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

New things...

Since I took a vacation break I'm just now getting
 around to posting a few new things I made..
This one says "Appreciate the little things"
along the rim.
A few new Bunny Ornaments
They were all drawn in clay and
then cut out by hand with a blade.
A few Jewelry Items...
Bracelets are a favorite of mine.
I have a bunch of ideas after making
these first ones.
Thanks for taking a peek
at some of my new items.
These are inventory
for a Art Market
I am doing in Nov.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Working Hard.....

I have been working hard.
I haven't had much luck with my Poppy bowls.
This is my 3rd bowl all my others
cracked.  I don't know why...exactly
Too many things can cause it.
I plan to take part in this artist market in Nov.
Above is a very detailed bird bath
 I just completed.  I am just praying
that it doesn't crack.
You never know until you try,
so I will see what happens. 
This is a large Santa plaque that
will be mounted on a wood tray.
Coneflower bowl
Santa walking through the snow.
This is a winter Blue Jay
A male and Female Cardinal
Of course I had to make a winter rabbit!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Bunny Love

I can remember specifically when my love
for bunnies started.  I was a young
 girl in Zwiebrucken Germany.  I used to visit
the pet store downtown because I loved animals.
I remember they had a big play area full of
little rabbits.  I was just drawn to them more
than any other animal.  I decided then and there
I would have a pet rabbit.  My Dad was in the Military
so we moved a lot.  Which meant extra expenses to ship
our animals with us when we moved. 
Even so  I got my first rabbit at 14.
Chippy! I got him from a neighbor
in Fort Stewart GA. for my birthday.
He had them in his back yard in
 a hutch in the God awful heat.
Lucky for Chippy he always lived inside.
My dad built him a big cage.
Back then house rabbit info didn't exists. 
Yet Chippy went potty in a bowl in his cage.
That dear brave rabbit traveled with
my family to Frankfurt Germany in
the cargo hold of the plane. Can you
imagine how scared he must have been?
I don't know how he survive but he did.
We traveled everywhere with him.
He would ride in my bike basket
and I would dress him up for Halloween..
He'd camp with us in our big
van.  He traveled back to the
US with us when my Dad
was stationed here in MI and he moved
out with me to my first apartment at 18.
Sadly Chippy only lived to be 5.
He got cancer because he wasn't neutered.
It just wasn't done back then.
Yet who knew one little $5 rabbit would
inspire so much in my life!  I still have
pet rabbits and as you can see rabbits
are often a theme in my art. 
All rabbits have their own
 personalities.  Likes and dislikes

They let you know what they want.
without making noise.
Here the big buns were letting me know
I was late with their dinner and they
didn't appreciate it.
They can be inquisitive
or Lazy!
They get along with other pets.
They can be house trained and live
in your household just like a cat or dog
once you have bunny proofed electrical
cords or things you don't want chewed.
They are affectionate and l want
to interact with you and need
attention.  The more time you put
into them the more you get back.
I am so grateful that my husband
supports all my loves.
They all love him!  Can you tell?
I love my crazy fluffy household!