Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Working on a Dream!

I know it's been a while since I posted 
but we have been busy.... 
this is the making of our back yard sanctuary.
 This is the beginning with a blank slate....
I will speed it along with the many steps so this post
isn't a mile long.
It started with a little doodle....
Then came a big hole in the hardest clay dirt ever!

We then began planting various shrubs and tree's
around the pond.  Some of these came
from the clearance section, but I bet you can't
tell which ones...
Good Dirt, fertilizer and water
make all the difference.
Planting in a yard that gets sun all day 
in 98 degree days was a job even
 though I didn't do any of the digging! 
Dying in the heat but I got the 
best tan I've had in years!
Then came rocks....
And more rocks...

That my husband arranged one by one, 
after installing the pump and hoses that run
from the skimmer up to the top of the waterfall.

I debated over weed cloth.  See this dirt is all
hard clay.  We dug huge holes and planted all the plants 
in the truckloads of good dirt we brought in.
I don't want to weed but I also want to try and improve
the soil quality.  In the end we put weed cloth. 
Most gardeners hate it,but I have to plan ahead.
When I am old...I don't want to be weeding along the
edges of the pond and slipping or falling.
You don't see any black liner in this pond
it is all rock lined to look more natural.

I chose many flowers that I like and
that will attract bee's and butterflies.
There is lots of room to add
flowers every year.
Amazing how this pond attracted frogs and dragon flies.
I see butterflies and humming birds daily!
Here is the pond with plants.
and finally the feeder fish
that we brought from our old house
get to live in their new pond!

They will winter in the pond for the first time.

You can see the two slate walk ways 
where next year we will put a simple
flat bridge that resembles a dock.  
I want to be able to sit and watch the fish
swimming below
We put in 2 seating areas with new patios.
I love the layout of the yard
and how I designed it.  The pond is
 the centerpiece and can be seen
inside, from the upper deck and all the patios.

None of this would have come about
without my husbands hard work and labor.
I am so grateful for all he does for me.

I planted wisteria at the 2 front posts
of this pergola to climb up and over
and have purple flowers hanging down
this patio will be a secret garden off
my pottery studio one day.  We are
still deciding if we want to cover the
top with something to make it waterproof
next summer.
I can't believe all we
accomplished this summer!
Truly a Dream come True!

Friday, July 17, 2020

Blessings, Bunnies & Herbs

I finally got my herb garden planted...
I love herbs, for cooking and teas...
When my husband built it I thought it was
way too huge.  I was like-I wont need
all that! Well...I guess he knew me better
than I did...
I filled it mostly with perennial herbs.
 This bed was build with salvaged 
concrete.  I love it because it reminds
me of an old stone wall.
My greenhouse also now has electrical  so I ran a sting of
lights down the center and it lights up nicely. On sweltering
summer days I can go to my greenhouse on cooler 
nights and putz around.   I switched
out the shade cloth to one I had from the old
house when our apple tree fell down.  How
great that it fits this one perfect!
I finally got all everything organized and neat.
I have been working on slowly
repotting my house plants one by one.
I love my metal letter 
"fresh cut flowers" sign
I found at Michaels 75% off.
I have just been overly Blessed this year
at finding Garden deals on plants, shrubs
and trees.  I haven't kept track of
what I spent but I know it's a total
Blessing when I just sit back and
look at how many I have been able to 
buy.  So many have been crossed
off my wish list!
Many of my succulents were in sad shape.
I have repotted and fertilized them
and am hoping for them to thrive now.

I love my easy ramp like steps...
everything we create now is 
with the thought of how will it
work one day when I am elderly.
As you can see the herbs are filling in nicely

Here's a little sneak peek at the pond & waterfall
my husband built.  I still pinch myself
daily that this is where I live
and this is my dream yard!
I remember 15 yrs. ago driving
by this yard on my way to the barn
thinking WOW... Holy Smokes
look at the size of that yard! 
Would I love to have a yard
like that! That's why it's so hard
to fathom that it now is my yard!
I truly thank God
for my Blessings!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Garden Progress...

May 15th I planted all my
tiny little vegetable plants
in my new raised planters 
that my wonderful husband made for me. 
In a month these little guys grew so nicely...
I've planted....tomatoes, celery,
tons of parsley, peppers, several types of lettuce,
spinach, kale, chard, 
brussels sprouts, sweet pea pods,
cucumbers, radishes, lots of basil,
beans, strawberries and carrots.
I love the lush green rows of leaf veggies...
I planted little bunches of flowers in the veggie
bed to add little sparks of color
and prettiness.
Then a few solar lights here and there!
I swear you can see the tomatoes growing!

At sunset I love how the pine trees cast
long shadows across the lawn.
And I finally have my greenhouse up!
So thrilled!
I doodled out how I want the
beds around the greenhouse
to go for my herb garden
we are still working on the front
waiting for some of the sprinkler heads
to be moved.
I put together my birthday potting bench.
It's so pretty I don't want to get it dirty.
We planted a few aborviteas around the deck.
This area is still not completed but
they needed to get in the ground to get
the roots established before winter.
I wanted them differently placed but our yard is a
maze of electrical lines, sewage lines.  It's
crazy all the things we have to work around!
We have had lots of slate stone delivered.  
It will be used
around our pond and landscaping.
This is the view of the yard from our
walk out basement.
Our goal is to emulate this....
Ahh can't you imagine the sounds of birds
and a gurgling fountain... just steps outside
my pottery studio.  That is the plan and the
future dream!
So the next step will be having concrete 
patio done and pond dug!
Did I mention we have only been in
this house 7 months!
So much has be accomplished
thanks to my husbands hard work
Sooo Grateful!
I get to do the fun stuff
like planting flowers!

Friday, June 5, 2020

Little Treasures!

I  am hoping to be able to get
 these new items boxed up
and weighed this weekend so
I can post them in my Etsy shop
next week.
I made little bowls to keep costs down so if you were
 looking for lower price points, these will be for you.

I sold several butterfly ornaments but I will post
what hasn't sold, with FREE shipping in the US.

Stay Safe &Well....