Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Summer Garage Fix up!

This summer my husband took
his small car out of the garage.
I thought this would be the perfect time to get
it cleaned up, organized and give
me some storage so my ceramic
pieces would have less chances of being 
broken.  I wish I had a before pic, 
because it was really bad, but my husband surprised
me, painting the walls while I
was away on a girls weekend.  He didn't take a
before pic. The walls were
unfinished drywall.   There was no shelving and stuff
was just stacked all over the place.  It didn't
help that I had made the
2 car garage smaller with a closet
addition a few years ago.

I am a Pinterest fan... so I found 
inspiration for these shelves on there.
I love organization....so the thought
of nice shelving is really great to me.

We built these together and it worked out great.

Then I had this old beat up table
someone gave me that I always meant to
get to, but hadn't for 15 yrs...

it was in pretty bad shape, so anything 
would be an improvement.

Now a pretty red table 
being used.  I put up old
salvaged closet shelves to hold
my pottery to be fired.

Why have it be ugly?  I painted old frames
all white and put in them
artistic inspirational quotes
that I also got on pinterest.
Made a pretty wreath for the door.

and such a big storage improvement!

I am thrilled

My husband got me this beautiful
cart to use with my 
pottery stuff.

I salvaged and painted an old drawer to hold my kiln
shelves in under the red table.

Glad to have is all done.

New works...

I love this one with so much detail.
I am happy to say it is sold.

If all goes well this will be a hanging bird bath.

cleaning up details on a sunflower with bee's plaque

this is another one in the works...

I was getting superstitious about showing 
work before it is finished. It is 
so fragile, I have had many things get
broken before they are completed.
I had another artist share
her perspective on when this
happens.  She said. those pieces
just weren't meant to 
live.  Move on to the next
one!  I think that's a good
idea.  I have the skill to make
it over and it will just get
better with the practice, Right?

Friday, September 1, 2017

My Amazing Butterfly Adventure

I feel blessed to have had a wonderful
Butterfly surprise this summer.
As I showed in an earlier post I was able to find 6
Monarch eggs on my milkweed I planted.

They all went to the top successfully and formed
Chrysalis.  I am thankful that nothing
went wrong and no diseases appeared.
I discovered from my Facebook groups posts
many things can go wrong.  

Having never done this, it was all a new
and exciting experience. 

This is when five of them were up transforming.

As they get closer to emerging the chrysalis
becomes transparent.  I have to add the
chrysalis are small, no longer than an inch.

So surprising how this butterfly
emerges from such a small space.

They hang upside down to dry their wings
and pump fluid into them.

It was such a wonderful thing for me... that I just
fell into accidentally.  I look forward to doing it
next year and helping in the migration.  I read that
if left in the wild there is only a 10% chance in
survival from predators.  Then in the migration there is
more risk in them successfully making it to Mexico
Apparently they are killed primarily by cars.
I am very hopeful mine will make it to Mexico...

Look at this beautiful male #1.  Notice the
two black dots in the orange
by the tail of his body which
indicate he is a male.

This one a female #2.

In all 2 males and 4 females emerged.
All healthy with no deformities.

If felt amazingly special to hold a
butterfly in my  hand!!!
Their legs feel like they have little
suction cups and they 
kind of grip on to you.

Male #2 was in a big hurry to go and flew up into
my tree quickly.  This being the only picture
I got of him.

Farewell beauties.  I hope you make it to Mexico.

I think they will make an appearance in my 
pottery in the future.

Friday, August 18, 2017

New Stuff...

Sunflowers and Bee's  this is a custom
piece for someone.
A simple bird bath.  Designed so a stick
can be placed under the leaf in the top right corner.
Another daisy bowl
A poppy bowl
I'm hopeful nothing gets broken before they are
finished.  Many times get broken
before they are completed since
they are so fragile.

Friday, August 11, 2017

If you plant it they will come

Over a year ago I ordered seeds for
milkweed since I heard there was a shortage
of it.  I had never seen it in a garden shop
but apparently they do have it,
as I bought some more this year.

Then I waited.  I wondered why I didn't see
a bunch of Monarchs flying around my garden.
I know that I had heard they are
endangered due to habitat being depleted.

Then I saw a page on FB for SE Michigan Monarchs
and I joined the group.  I saw everyone
posting about eggs they found on their milkweed.
So I thought I'd go take a look and....

And what did I find.... tiny white eggs the size of the head of
a pin on a few leaves. So the Monarchs were there. I just
had not seen them.  I put the eggs in a container and
waited and these tiny guys hatched. ~not sure
if that's the right term, but you get the idea.

How amazing that the eggs are put just
on the exact and only leaf that they must eat
to survive.  They then emerge
and begin eating and growing.

As they grew larger I moved them
out of their plastic food container
in which I had poked tiny air holes.
The one with the red lid to the left.

into to my
son's old frog habitat

Their container has to be cleaned often.
Since they eat a lot ....they poop a lot. 

So why might you ask am I bringing them inside.
Well as you can see by their size...
they would make a delicious bird meal. 
By bringing them in we are kind of helping
to give them a helping hand in
the hopes of increasing the population. 

As they get bigger I am super excited...
like a kid!  I am hopeful that
I will get to see transformations.
I have also learned caterpillars facts.
For instance caterpillars that
transform this late in the summer will
most likely take part in the big migration
from Michigan to Mexico.

I have 6 caterpillars in different stages

Fingers crossed all goes well
and all develop healthy and I can
release them to head out to Mexico.
I have learned that apparently
like anything they can get diseases & die.

Two have gone up to the top to start their transformation

Good luck guys!