Monday, May 19, 2014

Warmer weather in Michigan

After a long and very cold winter, we are finally
Seeing green in Michigan
My seedlings are doing well in the greenhouse.
Benny even got to go out in
 the veggie garden area.  Our yard
Is fenced in but Benny is
 a "scaredey bun".
He's timid and things scare him.
 I let him in my smaller veggie
garden area  so that I can catch
him if he panics and doesn't
 run under the deck.
I will try and let him out
 on cooler days so that he
moves around more and maybe
Loses a pound or two.
He's a big chubby slug.
Blue forget me nots are blooming
I love violets, one of my favorites
these are pine berries I bought on-line
 and started in this pot in the
Greenhouse because it was
 so cold here. They are white
strawberries That supposedly
 have a pineapple taste.
  We'll see what they taste like.
They will be transplanted next
  to strawberries into this new
 bed my husband made for me.
It's on the south side of the
 house so it gets the
Most sun, next to my raspberry
 and black berry bushes.
I thought it was cute!
Bunny lounging next to bunny statue
My first flower shopping haul,
I can't even step into the greenhouse to
Water.  Gotta do some re-arranging.
I'm excited to plant and see things
Grow after such a terrible winter.


Friday, May 16, 2014

A Garden Theme

A work in progress

 So I'm still keeping good on my New Years resolution to make more art. Let me just say for those of you that get to do your art full time, I envy you!  No I don't make a living from my art but I still have to make stuff. It's just how I'm wired, and I can't imagine
how it would be like to be different.
Most days I have to clamor just for 30 minutes of art time.  So to do it all day, everyday
is just a dream. I like to imagine what the possibilities of what I could create would be.

I did something different with this one
 and stained it to darken
in the details.  I was happy with the results.
I am  always thinking of what
 I could do with this or that, or what I'd like
to put in my ideas file for when I have time.
Another small plaque I dropped off for firing today.
 bowl and two more to be fired....
I'm wanting to keep this one for my garden.
I have so many bunny things so this
would be a pleasant change.
This is a first for me. 
Adding clay sculptures to bowls. 
Will see how I elaborate on this idea

I also like this one.  I'm keeping it,
  See that's my biggest problem...
I have a hard time parting with pieces I make that I love
Does anyone else do this?

I've took a week off at the end of
the month just for me to do fun stuff I enjoy.
I'm so looking forward to it!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rabbit Tiles

I picked up my tiles from being fired.
I'm happy with how the colors came out.
Next time around I will
do the hanging holes different.
this is where they were made
 to fit above my kitchen sink
Making these has inspired  a million ideas.
I'm excited to be passionate
about new art ideas!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

This weeks art...

A quick post on what I did this week art wise...
Got my glaze all applied to these tiles.
I took Monday off work, just so I could
do  art stuff.  I had a pretty productive
day. And made these large tiles.

They are 12" across
This clay is all wet and the
details will be fine tuned
When the clay dries
 then off to the kiln place.
This clay is Terracotta,
 and will have rope strung
 through the holes.
They are designed to hang
 on a Shepards hook in a flower bed.