Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Busy Glazing

I have been glazing these ornaments that I made. 
I drew out their shapes on paper and then traced their
outline on clay.  I then carved in details on both sides.
At first I was going to insert a small ring in the hole
in their heads.  I will see if it'll work.  I added the loops
on others.  I can't wait to see how they come out!

plus I added 
to my shop!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bunny Ornaments

I have been busy making new
Easter Bunny
ornaments to add to my
Etsy shop in time for Easter.
Which falls on 1 April 18.
 Last years example
As a child my German mother always
made an Easter tree for us with spring branches.
Real blown out eggs were painted and hung on the
branches.  I first made bunnies to add to my
Easter tree. Everyone seemed to like them
a lot so I added them again to my Etsy shop.
Look for these in my shop.
  I individually pressed paper clay
into antique metal chocolate molds.
They are created one at a time so each
 item may be shaped slightly different
 or a bit more irregular as the paper clay
I hand paint  each ornament with acrylic paints.
The flashy fluffy tails are added lastly with feathers.
 Which I totally love the
fun tails.  I think they add a bit
of whimsy to the ornaments!
I have a few more paper clay
ornaments to photograph
I am also working on a new type
of ornament which are taking
more time to create so I don't know if they will
be ready before Easter.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Moss & Vines

I am trying to broaden
 my skills with clay.
My goal is to take things
up a few notches and explore
different things with clay.
I have begun sculpting and
carving a very involved piece.
 I want my clay sculptures to be
perceived as a piece of art.
I love woods and forest. 
 It is one of my favorite places to be.
   I feel great peace and tranquility
when I am in the woods.  I want to
express many things I like in
the woods and am planning 
to create a series of pottery art on a
 woodland theme. This bowl
with be first in the
 series and depicts moss and vines
that are often seen in the woods.

I enjoyed working on this
so much that time just
flew by! Here you
can see the bottom of the bowl.
the moss and
 vines go around the bottom.
Then as the clay became a bit
 more firm I flipped it over
and began sculpting the inside.
I chose wild morning glories
as my flower for this piece.
I wanted something wild and viny. 
It's kind of odd that I picked this
flower because they are a 
menace to me in my vegetable garden.
The are impossible to kill and they
 basically will keep
 growing and climbing no matter how
many times you try to pull them up. 
Their roots run deep. If I think of them
in that light you almost have to admire
their tenacity. It is something
I admire. I like the
whole theme of being wild and
 unstoppable and felt this
was a good vision for my piece.
Here you can see how much time
 and detail went into each flower. moss grows on rocks
I added a dragonfly which is
 also a favorite of mine.
Once done I could see how you
can't see the bottom detail as it sits on a flat
surface.  So this will be displayed in a stand.
This will take me an insane amount of time
to glaze.  I also have future plans
for a sculpted statue
that will go with this piece! 



Monday, February 12, 2018

Artistic Cleanup

Last Saturday my sister, niece and I went
to got see the Peter Rabbit
Movie.  Such a cute movie!
Then she stayed the night afterwards. 
Ella loves doing art stuff in my art room.  I LOVE that
she loves doing it.  It's my all-time favorite
thing in the world to do art stuff
with my one and only niece.
She goes in her own little zone
and loves painting. 
Here is what she painted
In the process of trying to make room
for her at my table I realized
what an unorganized mess my
art room was from doing many projects.
 I was like WOW time for a deep cleaning.
So that is what I did.
 I cleaned off my art table by putting things away
in containers and labeling them
so I won't forget what is in the box
or container.  I will try just keeping the project I am
working on at my seating area.

I even dusted my shelves, vacuumed
and fertilized my plants.

I can't wait till I can move my plants in the greenhouse.
That won't be a while as this past weekend we got
about 9" of snow.
Such a clutter of plants but I cant bring
myself to ever toss a living plant!

I organized all my glazes and pottery supplies


I even straightened up my bulleting board.
You can see on the right size halfway up
is a polaroid picture of my Grand Prix which I totaled.
That accident hospitalized me in intensive care with
a head injury. I still struggle with neck pain
from that accident now 20 yrs.later.
That picture is a reminder to me
to life my life to the fullest.  I am so
thankful to still be here  That's what I am
always trying to do....
"Be fearless in the pursuit
of what sets my soul on fire"

Friday, February 9, 2018

New creations...

Sharing some new bowls I made. 
They are in the drying process so fingers
crossed they don't crack. 
I had another cone flower recently crack
that I really liked. At least I took a pic of
it so I can recreate it later.
This one is radishes.
You can see how the leaves hang over the edge.
This  is a pansy flower....

and lastly a cone flower which
come in many colors.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Pottery Bird Baths

I know it's winter but I am
thinking of the warm season ahead.
Just showing you a few bird baths
I have created that are in my Etsy Shop.
This one has a stick holder.
Although it comes with a stick you
can insert any stick into the custom
stick holder I made.  This way birds can
sit on the stick to drink
or to bathe in the water. 
you can put in on top of a metal stand
that you can buy online.
This is one that I made
and have out in my garden.
This is a leaf dragon fly bird bath I made.
 You can decide out how you
want to display it.
This black metal stand I found on Amazon. 
Or you can take large flower
pot turn it upside down
for stability and adhere
the bowl to the pot.
If it's a really dry hot summer I like
to put some  water sources
at ground level.  This way
small wild animals have
a water source too!
Don't forget insects need water too.
You can fill the bottom with pebbles
so they don't fall in and drown.

Just Remember,