Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Garden Plaques

 I redid my Blog background and header
and I would
Like to share some of my
new  creations with a bit of color... 
Bunny with carrots 
Butterfly with Zinnia
Inspiration for this was taken from
a photo I took in my garden.
I think I will make more like this.
Bunny Butt
and Poppies
More are in the works.  I'm not sure where I
Will be selling them but I am
Working away on them.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016


These are my latest clay carvings.
They are just dried clay and they haven't been fired yet.

My thought is to create an inventory
that can be sold in a store or online.

Although I am wondering
how I can ever even 
break even when 
I factor in the time it took
 me to create them,
 the cost of materials,
 and the firing. I am not
 sure a customer would 
be willing to pay the final cost. 
I suppose that's why
 they are called starving artists.
 I dont want to sell 
my items for less
then it took me to 
create them. So I guess 
I will see what happens.

Hottie Whispers

I have finally completed this painting! It's a large one 30" x 40" in acrylics on canvas. I worked on it for three years off and on. I would get frustrated and set it aside for a while then pick it back up and paint on it. I have to say this is the longest I've ever worked on a piece of work. The reason is because I did things the wrong way. I could hear my art teacher Mr. Platis in the back of my head yelling at me for not doing any preliminary sketches. So if nothing else this whole experience has taught me what not to do. I'm going to share the evolution of this painting and all my mistakes.

As you can see in the beginning Hotties head -the one on the left was completely different. I was working from several photographs that I took. At first I wanted her head to be low. 

It looks really awkward and 
I'm embarrassed to show it.

So then I completely painted over Hotties head and painted her in a different pose. I like this pose much better, but another error her eye was too big. Argh!

So over it I paint it again with a smaller eye. Then I constantly would study and look at my painting and nitpick everything I didn't like. I did this by taking cell phone pictures of it and staring at them in my spare time. I didn't like the color of her eyes they weren't right yet and I kept playing with my colors and layering different glazes until I came up with the final result below.

Although it was a very long process I am happy with the final result and all that I learned through my journey. Never again will I start a painting without preliminary studies and sketches. I want to note that the horse on the left is my horse Hottie and the horse on the right is Whisper. The two mares used to be in stalls side-by-side and liked each other. Whisper has since moved away but they are depicted here happily together with fond memories! 

I'm wishing you a happy,wonderful creative new year!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happy Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday Hottie...I got 
you when you were 4 and now you are 18!

Love my girl....she changed my life!

Monday, April 18, 2016

He is a She

Just a little update....turns out Henley is a girl. Good thing her name can go either way!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Welcome Henley

Just celebrated my birthday with
 a new addition to my zoo!


Amazing me on how far he has 
come in a week. Learning to litter train.

Receiving and enjoying cuddles!
He is also getting better about being picked up.

BHe comes running when he hears his name called. 

Henleys temporary living accommodations. 
He is very tiny I would guess 1 to 2 pounds. 
I find it so remarkable how an animal so small
 can be so loving and trusting
 of large compared to him.