Thursday, April 25, 2013

Surprise Birthday Trip!

For my 45th Birthday on 6 April my husband gave me
a surprise trip to California.  I knew we were taking a trip (obviously I
had to take off work)  I just didn't know where.

So exciting!!! 

We stayed in room 19 at the
Beautiful doesn't even cover it!
So take a look for yourself. 

I always wanted to see the big redwood trees. 
  I've always loved mountains & forests.
I love trees!
If I had to choose to be in the woods or by the ocean. 
 I would choose woods and mountains
every time.  The wonderful thing about here is you have it ALL, very mountainy terrain, rain forest, ocean cliffs and gorgeous uncommercialized  breathtaking scenery.

No guard rails anywhere, even along the roads.
  Just walk right along the edge.
Careful...don't fall it's a loooong way down!
Did I mention I am afraid of heights???
 But oh the views as we strolled along the cliffs.

Too many pictures I couldn't make up my mind,
So I will so I'll post in two posts.

Wild Irises growing along the cliff edges

 then the beautiful forest...

It was so amazingly peaceful and the size and height!

See how little we are!

Notice the moss grows on everything, everywhere!

It was such an awesome trip, in the next post I will show
the horseback riding we did!
I love, love, loved the trip and did not want to leave.
I adored everything about it!  Usually I
look forward to coming home and seeing all
my animal babies.  Uh Ah not this time!
With super birthday surprises like this
I don't mind getting "older" one bit!