Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hot Summer Evenings at the Barn

I thought I would share for non horse owners
what a typical evening after work is
at the barn.  I go out
at least 3 days a week.  I drive straight
from work.  It's a 30 min drive.
I board her at a private stable in the country.
My dream was always
to have horses at my home, but there are
also advantages to boarding. 
First off ~~ it is ALOT of
work caring for these big animals and
when you work full time so you can afford them its
nice to basically pay someone to
clean up, feed and care for where your
horse lives.  That way I can come out and
spend quality time with my horse.   I can also go on vacation
and not have to find someone I trust
to do that for me.

As I drive out I notice
the neighbor has baled his
alfalfa for his cows.

This is the beautiful driveway
to the barn.

This is the owner's pretty historical home.
They had it moved here from another location.

I change out of work shoes to my barn boots.
Before I get her, I go refill her supplements.

I measure out her supplements into plastic containers
with a tiny bit of oats to keep them from clumping.
The barn care taker then can just take
one of my containers and add it to her morning
grain. It's easy and there are no mix ups on what
she gets everyday.
Horses basically eat Hay or fresh
grass and Grain- Horse food
resembles Rabbit pellets.
  Then I go get her outside.

Oh and in case you don't know that thing on
her face's a fly mask.  She can see through
it like sun glasses but it keeps the flies
and mosquitoes off her eyes and ears.
She is hot, grimy and sweaty.

I always put her in her stall and give her a treat,
but here she is being a bad girl trying to
help herself.   She always has to pee when she comes in.
Don't ask me why but she doesn't
like to pee outside.

She looks a mess so I take her braids out.
It is too hot to ride. Her coat is
sweaty and crusty from sweat and dirt

  I lead  her out to hose
all the grime away and
cool her off.

I have to spray constantly to keep the
flies off.   The bugs are terrible.  Hottie
has super sensitive skin.  I feed her garlic
supplements to help keep the biting bugs
away and she gets doused in 
a good fly spray.
I do have a fly sheet I put on
as a last resort if its really bad.
It's just when it's hot as heck
would you want to wear
a giant sheet over your back??

I then squeegee off the water
and take her back in.

I put her in cross ties so she will stand still
while I braid up her mane to keep
her cool tomorrow.  I spray her down good with
fly spray from neck to hooves.

All done!  She is totally antsy
and wants to get in her stall
to eat her dinner like all
 the other horses are doing.

When I put her in her stall I notice her buckets
aren't as clean as I liked so I scrub
and dump and refill them.

All Clean!

We have a small indoor riding arena at this barn
which comes in handy when it's raining or
with Michigan winters.

Hottie's stall is the front left stall
on this isle.

She is happily munching dinner all
clean and cool in her stall.

As her fan  blows on high, I
am happy she is comfortable.
She does live a pampered
horse life but she has given me
so much more.  I can't even
remember my life before I owned her
or what I did with all the extra
time I must have had.
I am so grateful for my Blessings.
I head home at 6:30
relaxed and thankful knowing
that my husband, 
Matt has taken care of all
animals at home while I was
here with Miss Hottie.


Friday, June 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

Boo turns 6 today!!!!

I am thrilled he is still with me.  He's the oldest giant I've had
so far.  He is considered to be a very old man.  Giant rabbits
have s shorter life span than the smaller guys.
 This old guy is living the good life.

He lives inside and is cage free 24 hrs a day.  He has a big cage that
I remade from an old kitchen cabinet someone got rid of.
The doors are open for Hazel and
him to go in and out all the time.

They are litter box trained.

His days are spent cuddling with his love Hazel.

Always together these two are.

Even with air conditioning they enjoy the fan.  Big buns get hot.

I grow them lettuce & herbs which
they eat everyday.

With him being so elderly my heart stops
at times when I find him sleeping like this!

Everynight we cuddle

A gentle giant he surely is!

Such a sweet boy, I love you dearly
and hope to have you around
as long as I possibly can!

Friday, June 2, 2017

New Items on Etsy

Two new items in my shop.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Busy Planting....

I took last week off to plant in my garden.  I do every year.
I love spring and by this time I am really due for
a break from work.  So I take a week off
to do all my favorite things. 
We have had tons of rain.  Now we can do with some sunshine.
We live in a subdivision but I have planted trees
for privacy where I can. 
Must have lots of flowers.  I planted 10 flats of
flowers and veggies this year.
The vegetable garden... the right side are
herbs for sleeping.  Then tomatoes,
carrots, lettuce, peas & green beans.
Peppers and Berries are on the South
side of the house where they get lots of sun.
 Lettuce is growing in the green house.
 We can never have enough with 3 bunnies
in the house.
These Irises bloomed for the first time this year.
They were given to me 3 yrs. ago
and I had no idea what color they would be. 
I am so happy with this color!
Look close...I found these
 floating guards to protect the gold fish
from being eaten by Heron
and it doesn't look ugly with the netting
above the water.
Eventually this will be filled with
Hyacinth vine.  They are in there...
just little bitty now.
 Cooking Herbs are on the left side of my green house.
I like to dry them and then make my
own seasoning mixes.
Veggies that I ran out of space in the garden.
Tomatoes. spinach, kale, Celery, Onions
 & flowers to make it look pretty.
These Geraniums I saved inside from last year. 
That is just one big plant in a  2 ft wide pot.
I did this for several of my Geraniums and
they are just bigger and better
than anything I can find in a nursery.
My husband and I made this arbor from sticks
to go with our stick bench.


Left side
Right side.
I made the quirky little table
next to the chair.
I redid the wreath on my front door.
Added a hi and new bow
and some greenery.
This year I did inpatients out front
along the edge of the perennials.
I am thinking they will get bigger
 and brighter with fertilizer.
The purple balls are allium that I
I planted last fall.
We are happy with how big the trees have grown
surrounding our deck. Just 3 years after our
 huge apple tree collapsed
when it was so weighted down with apples.
We now have a very private deck.
Whew, got a bunch done, now it just has to grow.
Gardening makes me happy
and is a great pastime of mine.
I share pics as my garden grows
because I love it.