Thursday, December 21, 2017

Evening with the Girls!

I was feeling festive this year
so I had a few get togethers
with my friends to just sit, relax
and do something fun. At one we
made tree ornaments and at
one we decorated horse tack

I organized all the supplies that
I thought we could use.
I have collected a bunch of supplies
over the years, for projects I want to
make.  You find the best deals at summer
yard sales. They practically give it away!

Since I have limited space I put
 the supplies on TV trays.
I also collected many
ornament ideas from Pinterest.
I printed out the pictures for the girls
to look at when making them.

Then I had some snacks and food.

These were the horse inspirations
I found on Pinterest

This is a decorated horse bit
for non-horse people.

We had a fun time.


sharing stories

snacking on good stuff.

Murphy had to be there...

checking everything out!

It was a great time!!


And everyone got
to go home with a masterpiece
they made.

My horse shoe door hanging
made from one of
my horses shoes. 

So host a fun
 gathering with your
friends or family and
create a fun holiday
memory for yourself! 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Christmas Home Tour

I love Christmas! I love
the warmth of the
lights.  They just make
me feel warm and cozy.  There is
nothing I like better on a cold
winters night than being in my warm
house, with my husband
 and critters.  I love lighting candles
and plugging in a few yummy
holiday scents in my scent warmers.
Can it get any better?
Just sharing some of my decorating inspirations
in the hope of passing  along my
Christmas cheer to you!
I fill my planters with evergreen
branches of different kinds.
To me this looks so much
better than a big empty pot sitting there.
You can buy them at Christmas
tree lots. I usually pick mine, but
this year our tree's needed a little
trimming so we saved that till the end
of the year so I could use the branches.
I add some light to the ones on my porch.,  I don't go crazy with
lights outside.  Just a little to warm it up. 
I prefer to see them inside where I am!
I love lanterns.  This year I redid these
old yard sale lanterns and painted them all the
same color to match
I filled the bottoms with small pinecones
and glass dollar store bowls to hold my candles.
When you walk in the first thing you see is our stair case.
This year I added lanterns
Last year I was given battery operated candles.
This year I found a use for them on the
staircase in lanterns and I have no worries about
them being knocked over.  They even have a little
remote for easy ON and OFF. 
To the left is our tree. 
Cheap little plastic stars that I dressed up
to hang on the outside of the doors. 

 I love my nativity set.  My mom
bought it for me one year at Sam's Club.
I built the barn myself out of
scrap wood and sticks I gathered
in the woods.  
The other corner in the living room is
dedicated to Santa!
Here is a crazy fun fact I just realized.
 that big plant sitting to the right of the
picture on the stool under the hanging stars.
 I dug that plant out of the garbage when I
started my first full time job at 19- I felt bad
for it.  It only had 3 sad little leaves.
So now it is- 30 yrs. old and so much bigger.
A close up of my Santa's on the mantel.  A few of them
I made.  I put together all my garlands, trees and sprigs
myself with things I've collected and like.
I love the child like magic of Santa!
This is my favorite handmade Santa.
I molded his face, hands and boots with polymer clay.
 His beard is lambs wool.  I dipped in a diluted glue mixture
and I wound them around knitting needles to give the
curled look. His clothing and accents like his toy
sack are all hand made and hand
sewed by me.  
This is the entrance to my cheery
kitchen.  Can you guess what my
favorite color is??? Yes it is red.
I took a risk when I painted
the dark dingy cabinets red but
they held up well and I'm still not tired
of them.  You will notice a
lot of green in my house too.  I think its my second
favorite color. I like all earth tones actually.
My least favorite colors are orange & blue.
So none of those are in my house. 
We got rid of our formal dining room to make our living room bigger.
So we just use the little eat in kitchen area.
I store extra dishes in this side board cabinet
I always display seasonal plates & plaques on it.
The Santa plaque I made.
I plan on making more next year to sell. 
Something different I did this year.
I put some Christmas Bunny
Statues under my cloche
with snow, a tree and lights
I think they kind of go well with
this  Christmas Bunny plate I made
I am wondering if these would sell...
What do you think?
This is also new.  I made pottery snowflakes
and hung them on the doors.
What do you think of the snow flakes?
My bedroom.  I am so grateful for this lovely
place to be warm and cozy.
Yes even the big buns get a bit of
Christmas cheer and some lights in
their little room.
I hope you enjoyed visiting my
home.  It's not fancy or pretentious.
Just a warm cozy home
filled with many of my
self made creations, things
and animals that make me happy
and course lots of love!
Merry Christmas! 


Monday, December 4, 2017

Adjusting to life without Finnegan...

Since Finnegan is gone little Henley has
 no buddy to hang out with during the day.
Her and Finnegan would always sleep by
each other.
Although Taz is in the room with her all day snoozing
on the bed he doesn't want to be friends
She tries to go up to him and make friends
and he is just growls at her.
There are no worries about him hurting her
as he has no teeth or claws on any feet.
He's pretty much defenseless- poor old guy.
In case you don't know... I had to have his
teeth removed due to the teeth attacking the gums. 
It was very painful for him.  He came with no claws
when we adopted him at the humane society.
I feel bad and have let Henley have supervised time out
in the livingroom.  The girl buns seem to
want to chew on my fairly new carpet, so
it's off limits to them most of the time.
She gets to come out on the weekends.
Here she decided to hop upstairs
to investigate where the big buns live.
After about 30 minutes she usually hops back
to my bedroom on her own.

She likes to spend her days in a cat house under my bed.
   She's has always been the best potty trained bunny
.  She even took it upon herself to use the cat litter
 boxes by herself even though she
has her own bunny litter box in her little kennel area.

I think Henley and Taz are adjusting to Finnegan
no longer being with us.  I would say
Henley misses him more that Taz. 
Taz is all about himself ... He is now very demanding
for extra cuddles, attention and playtime.
So now we will be a one cat household
and Taz will be loving all the
extra attention.