Friday, June 22, 2018

What a Month??

And not in a good way.......

I didn't post last week.  Just too much
stuff going on....
On the way to work I got into an
accident on Tuesday.  Thankfully no one
was hurt.  My truck got ker-chunked! 

Plus I have been dealing for the past
month with my horse
having a leg injury that caused her
to go very lame and be on stall rest
for a week.  We still
are not 100%  what the injury
was- After $1000 in vet bills.
What I do know is that the x-rays
indicated no fractures- but some
arthritis. Most likely she had a muscle
injury high up in her rear end. 
She is on the mend now.
She gets turned out and I am
giving her glucosamine injections
and applying Surpass (horse topical aspirin)
to her hock joint.  I am also soon going to
start light riding and see how everything goes.

Here it is improving but still dragging.

She has a fibrotic myopathy on her Right
rear leg from an old injury. 
It doesn't hurt her but when she injured her Left
leg it is pretty important that
everything heals as she needs
4 pain free legs to live!

It's more important for me to
take everything slow and
make sure she is well.

 Last month we lost our dog Jake...

We miss him very much.

He was the best dog ever! He never did
anything wrong and got along
with all the animals.  Always made
we wonder why someone took
him to the pound.  Obviously their loss
and our win!

On  a good note!
Boo Boo (Benny) turned the big 7!!!!

whooo hoooo!  When I bonded Boo and Hazel he was 5
and I saw how much they loved each other.
I so hoped that he would make it to 7 so
they could enjoy some time together.
That just seemed so far and unattainable.
Online it listed average giant lift span at 5.
But look at them now!
So I am ecstatic that he's a very old man!

 I am trying to get back
in the swing of things!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Home Tours...

One of my Favorite Summer Activities is
Historic Home Tours.  The Detroit Metro
Area is being revitalized. Thankfully
many Beautiful Mansions
and dilapidated homes in Detroit are being
fixed up. There are home tours all over though.
I love going to look at
these old homes and admiring how
different they all are.  This is our
first home tour this year.  It was near
the Detroit Zoo. This is lovely
old neighborhood and I would just like to
share some of my favorite homes.

 Big old trees shade the homes here. 

Pretty fireplace in this home.

 What a lovely front porch! This one had
wide the stone railings.
Inside the stone continued
on the fireplace!
 A movie room in the basement  
 lovely built ins...
 Don't they look charming... 
 I love looking at their
gardens for ideas 
 I liked this little sphere 
 This fountain sounded so peaceful.
 I liked how these simple pots
lined the garage door.
 I thought these homes looked cute
 I love how different they all are.  No cookie cutter homes here.
They are all laid out differently inside too.

One home had this pretty rod iron handrail made
with birds in it. 
  Many of the homes seemed dark with the big
trees shading it.
This owner chose colors
to brighten it up her kitchen.
A colorful eating nook. 
A nice pond in one yard!
How cute is this planter.
 A picturesque scene....a cat on a pretty window sill.
I would love to have this Iris
If you like historical homes I would totally
encourage you to do a home tour in
your area.  Its a fun day!
Next week we are doing a
Garden Tour!