Sunday, December 11, 2016

This years Christmas Decorations

Just sharing my furry, cozy home in Michigan.  This year I decorated early..Veterans day weekend.  I wanted to not be rushed and I have to say this is my best year ever. I am all done.  My gifts are bought and wrapped.  They have been completed for a week.  I was never one of these people, but I gotta say I love it!! Now I can just sit back and enjoy the season.  Do fun Christmasy things and watch Christmas movies and not stress.  Hope this becomes a trend with me.
We don't do to many lights outside
as I prefer to enjoy them inside.
This year we did add some deer.
and I put light on my metal garden orbs
The view as you come in.  We keep our shoes
in these bins so it's neater.
and the Tree.

The banister decoration..  I added more accents
this year and new bows plus the little ice skates.
Jake lays next to his dog pillow, not on it.
My Nativity that I love with the barn
 that I built to fit it
from sticks I gathered in the woods
my Santa collection 
Yes the parrot cages don't look
so pretty but they are part of the family
 and I refuse to stick them in another room.
All my animals bring me joy.
the view with things lit up
I love cozy lighting.  Turning on overhead lights
is a no, no in my house.  It's kind of like nails
on a chalk board to me.
I love candles and lanterns.  There's
nothing better in the winter.
the view out my kitchen window with our first
winters snow
The side board in our little dining area...
which displays my painting and
the Santa plaque I made.
This year I did an orchid center piece
since I found them on sale
for $5 each. 
I also decorate my bedroom
I ordered this comforter on Amazon
just because I was sure it would
look so cozy this winter.
As you can see the cats are quite comfy
I am so happy with the doors I
put in on the fireplace this summer.
I couldn't wait to use them this winter..
Henley lives in my bedroom.  She has free run of the bedroom,
bathroom and walk in closet all day.  At
night she sleeps in her little area. She has become a
chewer.  Although I try to rabbit proof she has still
got a hold of a cord or two,
a comforter, a shoe and towels, 
So I have gotten better at bunny proofing everything.
 Hope you enjoyed taking a peek at how I decorate
for Christmas.  I love my cozy space and I have worked hard
to redo this entire house since I moved in 10 yrs. ago. My home is my haven.
I'd like to wish you a warm, cozy Merry Christmas!

It was nice having you come by!