Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring flowers and Sweet Bunnies

We had a wonderful warm spring day
and  were doing spring clean up
from winter.  I brought the big
buns out and let them hang out in the
vegetable garden area.

I painted and repaired my trellis that
was looking a bit worn.  Looks like new now.
Hazel has to check it out!
I don't let them out often simple for this
menace neighbor dog that barks
non-stop.  You can tell Hazel doesn't like it.
I put out my plaques after winter.
My husband cleaned the pond out and put
all the gold fish back outside
   Pottery bird bath I made last year
getting used for the first time.
 New mulch all over Matt put down.
over all my beds in the front, sides & back.

A few of last years Geraniums are doing great in the
green house.  I started lettuce early from seeds for the buns.
my beautiful girl Murphy
in the plum tree
Every spring I am excited and
eager to get to plant & garden.

I love flower shopping....

The plants on the ground 
are the flowers I've
bought this year!


Monday, May 8, 2017

Do what You Love,

I have been working in my studio with spring
flowers being my inspiration. 
This flower is meant to be a
red poppy bird bath.
I am also trying to get back into practice on
the pottery wheel.
These are smaller tiles
A poppy
A violet bowl.  Violets are one
of my favorite flowers.
I am having fun playing with clay and
making new creations.  Sometimes
I get impatient wishing I had more time to
make things and do art.  I have to
remind myself  that I work full time and I
actually do a lot of stuff.  I am working
on training and riding with my horse,
I care really well for all my pets and
give them a lot of attention.
Plus I do more around the house that I
did when I lived in a small condo. I always
 have home projects.  Either gardening
& cleaning or things I want to organize.
I love organizing stuff.  LOL! I have a
super supportive husband that helps me so
I have time to do the things I love. 
When I think of all that I do now
I take a deep breath and smile.
I am loving my life.
I am very glad that I am so
busy that I cannot fit all that
I want to do in my day
because that means I am
making use of every minute
of my life! 
I would like to encourage
you to do what YOU LOVE!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Meet Hank

I would like to introduce you to Hank that I acquired
a few weeks ago.  He needed a new home and a friend
asked if I would be interested and I said yes.  My first
thought was for my 9 yr old niece.  I thought well
if I get him then her Mom would be more apt to say yes. 
YES...I had sneaky motives.  However, once - "Sparky" arrived
he was so sweet and had such a personality I decided
he deserved more attention then he might get with my niece.
I tried several names on him (I wasn't fond of Sparky) and
Hank seems to fit his personality.

At first his cage was on the floor in my art room but
Finn was way too interested and stared at him all night.

To remedy this I  rearranged stuff
and put his cage up on top of Benny's. 
Then I found an awesome cage
on FB garage sale app and I got it.  It's a little bit bigger
than the one that came with him
and it was a really good deal.

So at night Hank gets to go out with the Bunnies. 
He seems to really like
Benny and runs over to him constantly. 

Every other day when litters don't get
 dumped & cleaned
he gets to spend the day
in Hazels big cage.  Which he loves. 
He makes use of the ramp I made so
he can get in the litter box
although he is not litter trained, 
we'll give it a try and 
I put him in the boxes often.

Hank even goes in her house when
he can run around the room

Just a hilarious size comparison...

He cracks me up daily.  I didn't expect to for
him to be as out going as he is and as vocal.
or to have such a funny personality.
I'm glad I took him and
I think Hank is too!