Friday, June 29, 2012

Farewell Basil...

My little Basil has gone to be with Giddy

Basil passed away this morning.

We was a good little Guinea Pig.
He would squeal when her heard
 the crackle of a shopping bag cause he knew
 that the usually contained salad yummies.
 He was sweet and would allow me
 to give him a bath, hair cut
and nail trim.  His hair was curly and would grow up to 4"- 5" long.
  I opted to keep it short and neat and clean.
He was a snuggler too!
I think Giddy being the sweety he is, was there to greet Basil
and the two of them are keeping each other
company as they did here.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

This is how we do it...

Every night I lay on the floor in the bunny room and watch something on TV and these are my cuddle buddies. This is our quality time.  Taz is the one on my left side

Don't they look sweet??
 As long as I'm there to chaperon her
Gwennie is pretty good and hasn't bit Bennie.
She ignors him and he isn't
overly pushy like Giddy was.
Gwen is a cuddle girl with me but she doesn't like other buns.  Not sure what happened to her as she a rescue.  She's come such a long way.  She never had a home and was at the rescue for 4 yrs. when I adopted her.  She was found outside and was pregnant.  She is good girl, doesn't get into anything and is out all day in my art room while I'm at work.  She has her little quirks, and I have learned she hates this one bowl.  If I feed her with that one she will throw it around, spilling food all over her cage, so I don't use that bowl for Gwen! LOL

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Poor Tazzer

Last year I took him to the vet and he got 3 teeth removed that were infected. I could tell he had bad breath so I took him to get them clean and  pull any if there were any bad ones.  I was shocked to here that he had to have 4 removed.  They had exposed nerves.  Poor guy also had a bladder infection.  He's only about 7 yrs. old. 
I got him from the Humane Society
so I don't know his exact age.

Poor baby when he came home. 
 I'm glad to say he bounced back much quicker with this surgery.  They used a cold laser on all the sutures and it
increase the healing time dramatically.
I could tell a big difference in this
 recover from last years.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Benny!

Little Benny is 1 today!   So he's all big and grown up now! (sniff sniff)  No more baby bun.

He's a sweet giant boy about 20 lbs.
  Loves his yummies.  He gets so
excited while I get their breakfast  or dinner meal ready he runs around the small room in circles.  He likes his head
petted.  A more reserved personality than my
last flemish giant, but not a mean or angry
bone in his body!

He's can be shy.  He has his little routine and
likes to stick to it.  He shows his happiness with
happy hops which I find adorable with his big size. 
 He doesn't like to go outside like Giddy
 did, which is kind of nice in a way.
  I  have no worries about him
 getting lost or munching down my plants.

He is the best boy.  He was the easiest rabbit I ever potty trained.  He took to it immediately and never had a accident.  He's not a chewer or digger.  So he has the run of the house all day.  At night my buns go in their houses.

So Happy Birthday Big Benny!