Friday, April 21, 2017

This Weeks Clay Works

I haven't thrown on the wheel and I am out of practice.
 I added some decoration to a few bowls I made.

and another little bowl....

I am trying out some new clay...
on my wheel

This bowl will replace one I use in my bathroom
to hold things that somehow chipped.

Also caved a bit on a new plaque...

How you have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

Would like to share that I have created a
Facebook page.

My hope is to share new items that I post
For sale in my Esty shop!

I am hoping my friends will like and share my links
and I will begin selling some of my handmade creations.

Please stop by and check them out

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bye Bye Ugly Bunny Gate

So I have had Henley
almost a year and this was my
quick fix bunny gate..  It was held in
place with suction cups and elastic bands
on the glass.  Not exactly pretty.  So I
decided I was going to make something
that didn't stand out as much.
This is my quick little solution that
fits snug into place in the door jam.
I added some little wood accents to make
it a little bit less ugly and stained
it close to my door color.
The little wood latches swivel into place to hold it securely
on both sides of the door
and they don't mess up my wood doors.
I think this looks better than the white thing.
and it keeps Miss Henley from
going where she's not supposed to be!


Fabulous Gift

Last week was my birthday and one of my dreams came true!
My very own.....Brand New.....
The electrician is coming tomorrow
to put in a new 240V
line. I am nervous as the
actual firing is all new
to me.  It can actually get
pretty scientific depending on
what you are doing. I better get to
making pottery!!!
I am so excited I can't believe
I actually have my
own big fancy kiln!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Creating Art makes me Happy....

I would like to share a recent piece....

I am very grateful for all things I can do and make.
 I have had 3 serious injuries that could have
completely altered my life.  2 closed
head brain injuries and spinal factures in 3 places. So
the fact that I can do everything that I could
before the accidents is truly a blessing.

I am in such a good place today that I
am so very Grateful for my Life.
For my confidence to try new things and
explore the many things in life that
bring me joy.

Creating art brings me peace
and happiness and my
hope is that I can bring other people
some happiness with it!

This little rabbit is Teela...

I felt touched and moved by the
story of this little bunny that
brought so much love to her owner
when she was rescued from a shelter and
then sadly such grief when she died.
I could relate when this happened
to my beloved rabbit Giddy.

I thought maybe a nice memorial for her
owner  of her dear rabbit would
maybe help her with her sadness.
This was a first time I had attempted a
pet portrait in clay from a photograph
I was surprised and happy with how
she appeared in the clay.
I slowly dried it and kept my fingers
crossed it would survive firing with no
cracks in the kiln.

I was thrilled when she came out fine.

I began adding color

And finally she is completed!

I'm feel like I was able to capture her sweet
little spirit.  I am glad she arrived to her owner
safe and sound and that I was able to hopefully
give her a happy memorial of her beloved Teela.
I am excited to have been able to
expand my artistic ability to a new level
and in a new way.

This little Teela piece is definitely a favorite of mine!