Monday, May 8, 2017

Do what You Love,

I have been working in my studio with spring
flowers being my inspiration. 
This flower is meant to be a
red poppy bird bath.
I am also trying to get back into practice on
the pottery wheel.
These are smaller tiles
A poppy
A violet bowl.  Violets are one
of my favorite flowers.
I am having fun playing with clay and
making new creations.  Sometimes
I get impatient wishing I had more time to
make things and do art.  I have to
remind myself  that I work full time and I
actually do a lot of stuff.  I am working
on training and riding with my horse,
I care really well for all my pets and
give them a lot of attention.
Plus I do more around the house that I
did when I lived in a small condo. I always
 have home projects.  Either gardening
& cleaning or things I want to organize.
I love organizing stuff.  LOL! I have a
super supportive husband that helps me so
I have time to do the things I love. 
When I think of all that I do now
I take a deep breath and smile.
I am loving my life.
I am very glad that I am so
busy that I cannot fit all that
I want to do in my day
because that means I am
making use of every minute
of my life! 
I would like to encourage
you to do what YOU LOVE!

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