Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bunny Room Spruce up

I'm on a downsizing reorganizing kick
 and since the desk in the bunny room
was pretty beat up I decided it was
 time for it to go bye bye and for me
 to get something smaller
 and that I liked better.
So I got this red little cabinet
which gave me a lot of extra space.
I also replace all the hinges on the big
door of Benny's cage. It was sagging.
 I still have to touch up paint
a few spots, but it's on
my to do list that I'm still working on
This is Hazel's house.  My buns have free
roam in the house all day.
They are kept separate now
with the hope one day
they will be bonded
and won't have to be separated.
  At night they go
in their cages with their dinner.
I like knowing where they
 are, if there was a fire.
No searching for them
 in an emergency. 
I got this nifty little clothes hamper,
that works so wonderful to
hold their hay in.
I even painted this hideous
 little stool that was
used in my bunny cage
when I had smaller buns.
Now with my giants
they don't need the stool.
I decoupaged little pic's
that I liked on it.  So it
sits in the room and
they like to lay under it.
I keep bunny pellets in
these little bins for
easy access.  I have
 pictures of my old bunnies
in the room that are
no longer with me.
 I need to add Miss Gwennie
My Giddy and Baxter
A few of my bunny knick nacks.
The 2 small bunnies in the
 middle is a night light that I
love that I found in an antiques
store. I tried to talk her down,
because I thought it
was a bit much but she wouldn't
 budge on the price.
I'm so glad I still bought it,
as  I use it every night.
I hung this crate on the
wall to free up some
counter space and it houses
my buns treats of cheerios
 and dehydrated fruit.
I picked up a few new throw
rugs for the cages.
As you can see Ben chose
 to snooze in his cage
 on the rug rather that be
 out in the room
Next on my organization list
 is my art room
and files! When it's in
the single digests
outside I've got to be
productive somehow!