Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas at my house

It's been a bit since my last post,
I know. I've been making gifts
and decorating and shopping
so here is a longer unfiltered
tour around my house. 
I fill my planters with evergreen,
pine cones and sticks
that I gather myself
The berries are fake and
 I reuse year after year.
wheel barrel out front
I don't go crazy with lights.
  Just a little to warm
the entrance and candles
 in the windows.
  I prefer lights in the house
where I can enjoy them.

This year I put the tree
in the spot Murphy's
cage usually sits
it an effort to have
more walking space
and help avoid the dogs tail
knocking off less ornaments
I know the cages give
the appearance of a
humane society look, but
I don't care....
in my house my animals live
among us as part
of the family
One of my pet peeves is when people
move their cages to another
room so it looks better or
when they tire of the animals.

Nope, here we trip over
animal beds, toys or the critters
themselves when they run under our feet.
I put together this lantern
quickly this year from a lantern I hang
outside in the summer.
I stuck a corded night light under an
upside down candleholder inside,
added some greenery,
that now has
now worries of getting
 hot and I have a cozy
 little lantern light
Then another 10 minute fix...
I made this little table
runner from
2 place mats, ribbon &
fusible iron on webbing.
Works perfect for me.
Finn posing as a speed bump
on the stairs. 
Kitchen window sill with
my metal Santa molds
Murphy licking the spoon...
I got to put out the Santa plaque I
made this summer for the first time.
The fluorescent plant light
is for my orchids and I couldn't
take it down as they are doing so well. 
I have one plant that has 2 baby orchids
growing on a stalk.... I've never had that.
We are glad you stopped my
to see us and hope your
Christmas season is
going wonderfully!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Giant Goal Accomplished!!

  Ever have one of those goals you've
 been meaning to get to one day
and it gets put on the back burner??
Well this is one of mine~
Even with accessories to go with them.
The sleds I picked up years ago
at a garage sale along with various toys
that I used in the bags.
The sleds were unfinished and I painted them
in layers of different reds to age them.
I kept collecting stuff here and there with the idea
that one day it would all fit together. 
The bags I sewed and added accents to make
the bags worthy of Santa's
 magical toy bag, plus a little
Christmas tree
 No molds were used and everything
was hand molded and carved
with polymer clay. 
I ordered the eye's on-line.
They are glass so they could be
baked in the oven with the
clay.  I like how realistic they are. 
Both coats were hand sewn with
trim and accents to make
them look special and sparkle.
They each stand 2 ft tall.
 Looking at this Santa, I think he needs
a pipe.  Maybe the next one
I make will have a pipe and
some glasses.
I have always loved the fantasy of
of Santa living at the North Pole. 
And these Santa's are just a
way to express the
magic of Christmas.
A lovely decoration that
can be put out every year. 
I am so  excited
that I completed
not one of these but TWO.
And so thrilled I did it
with time to spare....
It's still Oct!
I cannot wait to
surprise my Mom and Sister
with them Christmas morning.
I  can't remember the
last time I was this
excited to give a gift!
for this reason I cannot
wait for Christmas because
I don't think they have a clue!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Santas progress...

Santa's now have hair, beards and eyelashes.
Not to mention rosier cheeks and lips
to add some coloring to them.
I painted on with acrylic

The eyelashes where so
 hard to super glue on!
and I had to trim them
 a bit shorter to boot.
I just don't imagine Santa
 as having long luscious lashes...

but as you can see in a close up they fit
and I think Santa's a bit
less creepy looking
than the were in an
earlier  post
Their hair is real lambs wool
that I bought on-line

Next to figure out a pattern for
 his coat with paper towels
Tape it together for a try on
and cut out the fabric


Friday, October 10, 2014

Hazel is recovering

Hazel is recovering from being spayed.
Poor little girl was in pain the first day after.
Even with pain meds she didn't
want to eat.  I felt really
bad for her.
She has a thing for laying on my ottomans like
my late Giddy did.
She had to stay in her cage for a few days,
as she's a jumper and I didn't want
to risk anything being torn open.
She's a sweet girl, licks me constantly
As you can see she's grown a bit too.
I'm so happy with her outgoing
Glad to see her
getting back
to her old self.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Best Garage Sale Find

I just completed this project.  I was
so tickled to find this at a garage sale.
Actually I was jumping for joy.  Have you
ever imagined just what you wanted??
and then found it at a deal! Nothing
makes me happier! 
Well I wanted to build a small cold frame
on the south side of the house
 for bunny greens, that
could grow without heating well
 into the colder months. 

So imagine my surprise when I saw
this sitting out at a yard sale.  I rushed over.
 The seller couldn't be talked down,
 so $30 it was.  Which actually was a deal,
 and it was all built! Not to mention
how much I love the quirkiness
of it being built from many old
house pieces.
Many panes of glass were missing
 and both ends were open.
Several coats of paint later, this
 is my little cold frame.
I replaced missing glass with
 plexi-glass. The front end uses
 one big piece of plexi-glass
that can be slid open to allow
 some air circulation and is held
in place with little clips.
I glued and repair the missing parts
on the  roof line- with wood pieces.
Just to add to it's cute, goofiness. I also
 caulked all the old and new windows.
And what Bunny veggie
 house would be complete
without a little plaster bunny
 I poured in one of
my candy molds. 
I'm eager to see how long the
 greens will grow in it this winter.
The brick wall and the chimney
 help to shield the winter winds.
I love a good find!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Garden Markers

Just a quick post...
Recently I experimented with
little garden markers
that could be just stuck in
 pots or flower beds. 
I wanted a simple little gift
that would add a little spark
 to flowers or a plant.
This is my first  batch.
This is one of my favorites and I will have
to make one for myself to stick
in with my cone flowers.

These gave me another
idea that I'm going to
try out and which may
 be a future post.
Been busy trying to get art stuff done,
starting to clean the garden
beds up for fall and
trying to bond bunnies
after working
out at the military base all day.
Last weekend I had my
 niece for the day while
her parents were moving....
Braiding Hottie was way more fun that watching
grown ups move boxes!
She started 1st grade this week...
I will make her into a little
horse girl if it kills me! hee hee