Thursday, December 10, 2015

Big Bonded Bunnies!

At long last my buns
Benny and Hazel
are completely bonded

At first it was just Hazel who
would groom Ben.  She has
always been pure sweetness.

Then in Oct he finally started
To groom her after 10 months
of trying to bond them.
So many times I 
was going to give up. 
Benny would grunt and 
fur would fly!
I was so frustrated and
thought its never gonna work.

But finally...

They are together all day!!

Loving each other....

Smooshing in the litter box
....that is a giant size 
litter box by the way!

Eating together....
Benny scarfs his down 
as fast as he can 
so he can go eat 
some of Hazels. 

I cannot express how happy 
it makes me to have 
two giant rabbits 
that are bonded finally. 
They have the whole 
run of the upstairs of house 
all baby gates!! 
It's just pure happiness!

Good things in
Good Time I guess!