Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Not sure where to start but I guess I will just start chronologically.
My step son’s cat died on the 23 Nov 12.  His name was Kitty.  He died from a respiratory infection. The antibiotics from the vet didn’t seem to catch it in time and he died at home on Cameron’s bed his favorite spot.  My husband was rushing home from work because I told him Kitty was suffering and wouldn’t make it through the night so Matt was going to take him to the vet to be put down.  Kitty died right as Matt arrived home. Cameron was at his mother’s thankfully so he didn’t see Kitty’s last moments.  He was a very sweet cat.  Taz and Kitty got along so well.  I know Taz misses him.  They would play and race through the house.
A cell pic of him lounging on my paint brushes while I try to paint!
Then on the 28 Nov my mother in law died.  She had fallen and broke her hip and was due to go home the day after she died.  She was in rehabilitation in a nursing home for several months.  She was a very sweet,good person that wasn’t well in the few years I knew her.  She was on oxygen 24 hrs. a day and had difficulty walking or doing basic tasks.  I’m sure she is doing all the things she missed doing and I imagine her happy and vivacious now. 
She left behind her dog Jake.   My plan was not to get any new animals;  no other family members  offered to take him.  I felt bad for him and he really is a very good, well behaved dog.  He hasn’t done anything wrong since he arrived.
It would really be nice if we had more space in the house, and Taz- my cat is scared to death of the dog.  Taz spends his days under my bed for the last 2 weeks now. The dog cannot go in that area of the house…..thanks to baby gates. It’s a barrage of rotating animals, making sure gates are shut.  Argh! I have to put Taz’s food under my bed, he will not come out until at night when the Jake goes to sleep up in Cameron’s room.   I’ve tried holding Taz so he can see Jake with Jake in a crate, or my husband holding Jake. It’s so stressful to me.  I feel horrible for my cat and have nightmares about my cat being jumped on by Jake which I’m sure Jake wouldn’t do.  Apparently my subconscious has its own opinion as I had another one last night.   My rabbits also currently cannot come downstairs as I haven’t tried them being loose with Jake.  Did I mention Jake is a big dog, part Sheppard part lab and a rescue from the animal shelter.  I tried 1x taking him to the barn where I board my horse so he could see barn cats without traumatizing my Taz.  He tried chasing a cat that ran and pulled me across the grass.  Murphy is totally unaffected and fearless and will stroll right by Jake on the floor to get where she wants to go.   She has improved leaps and bounds and is back to her old self since I stopped meds.- Another story for another day.
I know my stress is so trivial in the large scheme of the tragedies going on in the world today. My prayers go out to all those effected with the horrible shooting in Connecticut.  In time I am sure things will improve and my nightmares & stress will fade.   All I want for Christmas is animal peace in my household & Taz to not just live under my bed.  


  1. Jake looks so gentle and beautiful! I'm glad Murphy is so much better, and good to see is fearless! I had a quarrion when I lived in Australia and he was totally fearless. he would actually cheekily have a go at my house rabbit Burns! I hope that Taz feels braver and gets some courage from Murphy and that Jake makes everyone feel at ease and that you have a lovely relaxing happy xmas :)
    ps loved all the gifts you made and your cards are adorable!

  2. My heart really goes out to you with all that you are going through. They say that God only gives you what you can handle, but I sometimes wonder. Your animals look like they should all get along, but when a new one comes they don't want to share your attention. I am hoping that you have a relaxing Christmas and Happy New year. Hugs and Prayers coming from Your Missouri Friend.

  3. Oh, Natascha, you have been having a tough time. So sorry about your Mother in law, but very happy to hear that Murphy is better. I hope everything else improves quickly. Happy Holidays. And Hugs to you.

  4. Good gracious girlfriend! What a crazy time.
    Hope all get's better very soon.

  5. Natascha, the best and longest lasting and most unique dog and cat friendship I am aware of began with the cat not coming downstairs for a year. In my Dad's house, every critter knew somehow and in aVERY short time that they had arrived in an all for one, one for all sort of joint. I don't know how he did it. When the livingness around us is not in good shape, we will ourselves necessarily be in poor shape. That is okay as long as we are beaming "It is all going to be okay" to ourselves and to our critters. It is a truth we must allow in and through ourselves. Your pets are so sensitive to you that they will never be okay until you are.

  6. The BBC recently had an article written by a respected scientist about animal - human telepathy. So send them messages that will reassure them. I was, also, wondering if birds have seasonal affective disorder or if any of the herbs like turmeric that are good for human livers could help Murphy.

  7. Imagine Jake's message - I lost my human and nobody here really wants me. Other life forms respond - What?! You can lose your human!? Take care and do what you must do to heal and be a healer.