Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year New Goals

Time flies and I'm surprised at how old I'm getting and feel like
I've got so many more things I want to do with my life
before my time runs out. 
Not to be pessimistic, but we never know
when our time is up so that is my motivation.
Living my life to the fullest! 
I've been busy working on new goals for this year.
  So far in January I've started working out again. 
 Trying to keep the momentum going to get back into shape.
  Also Hottie got the OK for me to start
light riding her at a walk/trot.
   Were working on stretching the scar tissue
 she has from the torn muscle.
Her gait is a bit different.  You don't notice it so much at a
trot but I can feel and hear by the way her hoof hits the ground.
  She's not in pain though.  We are stretching, massaging
and light work to get her going.
I am also working trying to get back in my studio more.
 Still  working on my horse painting,
here and there when I have a free moment.
Also my niece Ella will be turning 6 on 4 Feb 14.
  My how time flies.
She recently spent the night with me
 and had fun doing art stuff.
She really loved this fairy I made many years ago
 and remarked (hint, hint) how much she'd
like one so I was on it.
  Can't say NO to my one and only nice
Body parts were made out of polymer clay.
Then I ordered some Mohair wool- a curly
sheep's wool on Etsy.  Some of it's a bit
 fuzzy or frizzy and I knew I wanted ring curls.
 I dipped it in a water with a bit of glue.
Then wound it around knitting needles
and brush handles
and let it air dry.
Her face is painted and then
 all parts are assembled.
 Arm's legs sewn on
(notice the holes in the arms,legs and head)
Head wired into place. 
Her dress a composit of
netting & ribbons and
when all put together...ta-da!
Ella loves pink, purple and sparkles
so that's why the pink explosion.  Ha ha!
Her hair is 3 colors.  Red, pink and an orange color.
The back of her.
Hope she's likes her.

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