Saturday, March 22, 2014

We have now hit the 30's here in Michigan.  You know it's been a hard winter when the 30's feels warm and you are taking off your jacket like I did at the barn today.  I do have to say this winter and the huge quantity of snow did wear on me.
So my latest happenings were taking advantage of the dental special my horse vet had going on. Hottie has to get her teeth floated every year.  The vet files off any uneven or sharp ridges caused by her munching hay, uneven sharp teeth could cut up the sides of her mouth.
She's such a good patient...and it helps that she's sedated.

Then Murphy was a very bad girl and bit Petey.
My dear husband rushed Petey to the vet for me.  I was freaking out.  It looked worse in this picture after she came home from the vet.  The vet had to make sure the nasal cavity wasn't severed. On a good note my little 22 yr. old Petey is recovering great.   I felt horrible, because I'm the one who sat Petey down by Murphy. They've been out together many times in the past 10+ years. Lesson learned at poor Petey's just never know what can happen.    So she has been getting antibiotics, pain and inflammatory meds for the past 2 weeks and I'm so happy she's recovering.  Yes Petey is a she.  I never had her DNA sexed,  which is the  only way to tell if a parrot is male or female as a chick.  Pete surprised me by laying eggs one year which is how I discovered, he was a she.  I got her as a baby 22 yrs. ago after my brother's death.  Little Pete helped me to get up every morning in my early stages of my grief.  She holds the record of the pet I've had for the longest time in my lifetime.  I'll post a pic of how much better she looks now but she's covered and sleeping and being a good mama - I want to let her be at the moment.
I've been playing with my clay lately.  Making sculptures
& having fun with it
I've made 2 bunny tiles jumping towards each other. They are made to go between my kitchen counter and window sill above my sink.
Will show progress as they are off getting fired now.
wet clay before being cleaned up
Next is a large plaque I'll put on an easel at Christmas time.
Waiting for Santa to dry out and he'll be off to get fired.
Since Spring is taking forever to get here, I will be heading south in a week to catch up with some warmer temps and sunshine and beat my winter bla's.
I've had enough!

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