Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Getting it done!

Got my bowls back.... I am planning to use them in my garden as bird baths.

 Also I had a nice long weekend so I was busy decorating...the earliest I ever have for Christmas.....

A peek at a new ornament

And a favorite my husband bought me

I had a helper....
Although I know it is so early it is a big relief to have it done. I don't feel stressed and like that. It's hard when you work full time and then have a horse and many other animals to take care of. Not to mention chores and fun artsy stuff you want to do. I have that Christmas spirit and I am going with it! I want to have time for fun christmasy activities this year so I am opting to get stuff done early. I will share decoration pictures later.

I also made homemade bunny cookies. They adore them. So every time I get low I have to make new ones.

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