Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring flowers and Sweet Bunnies

We had a wonderful warm spring day
and  were doing spring clean up
from winter.  I brought the big
buns out and let them hang out in the
vegetable garden area.

I painted and repaired my trellis that
was looking a bit worn.  Looks like new now.
Hazel has to check it out!
I don't let them out often simple for this
menace neighbor dog that barks
non-stop.  You can tell Hazel doesn't like it.
I put out my plaques after winter.
My husband cleaned the pond out and put
all the gold fish back outside
   Pottery bird bath I made last year
getting used for the first time.
 New mulch all over Matt put down.
over all my beds in the front, sides & back.

A few of last years Geraniums are doing great in the
green house.  I started lettuce early from seeds for the buns.
my beautiful girl Murphy
in the plum tree
Every spring I am excited and
eager to get to plant & garden.

I love flower shopping....

The plants on the ground 
are the flowers I've
bought this year!


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