Thursday, July 20, 2017

Growing Pretty Things

Thought I would share some of my July garden.
This year we have been plagued by tree diseases
and had them treated but a few trees still look sick.
They say next year it will be better.
My roses have a funguses and my veggie
garden isn't doing too great.  My raspberries also didn't
produce their normal quantity.  I don't know. 
I gave them good soil and fertilizer.
Just must not be a good year weather wise.

I was happy to find the red pillows
on clearance and added them to my chairs.
Can you tell my favorite color is RED??

Cartuu really loved sitting out on
the deck while visiting
with us.

I like the red & purple combo, but I am not a fan of these super
purple almost black petunias  above and won't be planting them
again in my boxes. 

This is my favorite flower box on my kitchen window.
I love the wildness of it.

The vines in the planters on the posts didn't do
what I thought they would but the flowers made up for it,
so they still look pretty.

My most favorite thing in the garden is my green house.  Love it!

A lot of the plants around my seating area
 on the deck are for privacy
and the annuals in the pots to attract
humming birds. I have a couple of feeders hanging up on the
post in the middle of the picture.
I was kind of disappointed because I only saw one,
once coming up to the deck.

The other day though, I was weeding and spotted not one,
but two buzzing in and out of my flowers.  They were flying around
each other like they were playing I was excited
to be able to get this pic.

Veggies and flowers are all mixed together in here

This year I did impatients in front of perennials for
the first time and they seem to be doing great.

 The gold fish pond is in there.  I like that the plants
are large they shade the water which makes it
not grow algae and also disguises it from predator's.

My really big pots out front with 3 yr old geraniums that
I winter indoors.  When in full boom they are as big
as a shrub and have well over 50 blooms on them.
That's the benefit of saving them.  They
get bigger and better. 

I love having a yard to grow pretty things.
I had a nightmare this week that my husband decided we
were moving to a condo.  I
was so upset.  I was like, but I won't have room
for my animals and I won't have my garden!!!
and then thankfully I woke up and it wasn't real. 

Have a great day!

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