Thursday, March 19, 2020

New creations...

I never get tired of the coneflower shape
and love these flowers mirroring each other.

I carved this Robin statue to add to a bird bath.
A nice inspiration for spring.

I had to hollow out the inside so
that it will not explode in the kiln.

It was then added to this large leaf I made.

A simple large bowl with a decorative edge.

Hoping to get things fired soon. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

My English Lop

This is the new addition to our home....
I had went to a rescue looking for a 
husbun for Hazel and was greatly disappointed.
The shelter was filthy.  Every male I approached
would not even let me touch him.  I did find
one I wanted but they said no
 because he had just arrived
I was very discouraged and 
 I posted a post on FB and this young girl
about 13 contacted me that
said she had this male.  1 1/2 yrs. old.
He was not neutered or litter trained. 
She didn't have room for him anymore.
  It was a long drive to the West side of Michigan.
  3hrs. one way but he was a trooper.

I had to move him to the bathroom on
the other side of the house
before he was neutered
because he was spraying like crazy.
 I had never had 
an adult male that was
 almost 2 unaltered. 
My new house has a lot of carpet
and I just don't want him
 urinating on it.
 I was worried if he would settle
 down and take to the litter box.
Thankfully he's been neutered and
he is doing fantastic!  Using
his box like a trooper.  
He eats hay more than
any rabbit I have ever had. 
He eats like he's ravished, and he eats almost
double of what Hazel eats.  
He is very sweet and is
 responding to his name. 
His name was Bugs and I added 
Bugs A Rue.
I will be calling him "Roo"
He does look similar to Benny Boo
only he has more blueish gray mixed
in with his fur.
 We have nightly cuddles
which he seems to like.  He sits still 
and does bunny purrs.
He won't give bunny kisses(licks) to me. 
Benny never did either.  Both of my
girls do though. 

 So far we've had 3 bunny dates
 in our neutral basement.
  I think Hazel is pretty annoyed
 at being put in a coral.
but I kind of want to take it slow. 
She is still nippy with me if
 she can smell him on me.
I believe he was a 4H project and he
has a bite in his nose from some other rabbit 
getting too close.
He's learning lots of new things and 
eating well and adjusting.  
I am praying for a quick happy
bonding process!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

New Items...

I love the coloring on this leaf!
I will have to do this again.
It's quite large.
At the moment this one is already reserved
to go to Vermont as soon as I can box it up! 

This is a hanging butterfly
feeder or waterer.
If you add water the sea glass
stones will keep the insects from drowning.

Time to get back in the studio!
I have so many ideas & never enough
time for them all!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Finding my Inspiration

With my Dad's death, I have been considering the fact 
that I have most likely lived already 67% of my
life.  So the time I have left is very valuable to me.  I don't want
to spend it doing things I don't like. I am and will be very selective
on what and who I give my attention to!
Just something to ponder...
I  have been trying to get to working on my art. 
It feels like lately it is slow progress,
 but a little progress
is better than no progress.
Made a few clay creations and am working on
glazing.  I still can't locate  few bisque
items I packed.
It seems #3 won the poll.

2 large bird baths... 

This one will be a hanging butterfly feeder

Monday, January 13, 2020

My Dad

I haven't posted in a while.  Sadly on 30 Dec 2019 at 7:17 my Dad- David L Loranger went to be with my brother Yon in Heaven.  I had a feeling New Years of 2019 that something bad would happen in 2019 and I had a feeling my Dad would die this year and my intuition was right.  He was frail and tired after fighting with many health issues over the last 2-3 years. I find peace now knowing that he no longer struggles.

Everything is different without him being here.  We moved closer to my parents so we could help them out if they needed it and it's surreal to realize he is just not there anymore.  I concentrate on the fact that I know he is so happy to not feel badly like he did.  I am thankful and proud that I am like him in so many ways!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Christmas Home Tour

Hard to believe we've just been in this house
a little over a month. This is why art has taken a back burner
the past month. In addition to unpacking, and getting the
house decorated,  I have decked my
halls for Christmas!  I am loving it so much!
I absolutely love the light
 that pours in the windows...
I love twinkle lights.
I always have more lights inside my 
house so I can enjoy them! 
Pretty in the sunshine...

Cozy at night...
The living room mantle... 
Look at Santa holding a bunny...with animals. 
I was lucky to find him last year in a flower shop 1/2 off...
My nativity set that I love so much,
is now is displayed on a larger side board
instead of the smaller table I
had to put it on in the past.
I display some of my Santa pottery creations on this table.
My faux fireplace is in the dinning room now.
It goes perfectly 
 with the kitchen cabinets
 and tile backsplash  I think.
I cannot believe all my teapots above the cabinets fit in 
the kitchen at the other house.
I decorated our bedroom too. I put on red plaid bedding
with green velvet pillows. I just found these awesome
all wood bookcases on FB.  They were the deal
 of a century and I think they make the
bedroom look cozy. Plus I have a place for all my
 books since I lost a bit of space in my Art room.
At night...
This room was a very peacy color before.
Now it's more a wheat color.

I got the bathtub of my dreams!
This bathroom was a light pumpkin color...
 This is Gus and Hazel's room....
This room was also painted, it was peach.
Can you tell I'm not a peach fan????

I haven't bunny proofed
the TV cords yet so I have the 
little fence around the table.  LOL
Finally my Art Room....
There was a tree in front of the window
that blocked the light so unfortunately
my husband had to cut it down but we will 
plant a new tree in the spring further away.
It's smaller than my old
one but we have a
huge unfinished basement...
It has a door wall and
 4 big windows that let in light.
this will be a future art space...
My art room is connected by a little
doorway to the bunny room
so this way I can do art and keep
Hazel company. 
I love my pet gates I ordered
on Amazon and added
the mesh.  The were totally worth it
for the low price of $40
and the convenience!

I am so excited and grateful for
our new home.  I enjoyed sharing 
it with you.  We have lots of plans
 and big dreams to
work on in our forever home.
This is just the beginning.
Merry Christmas!