Monday, April 23, 2012

Bunny Yummies

For my birthday I was hinting for a food dehydrator and yay my mom got me one!  My intent was yummy, healthy, chemical free snacks for my parrots and bunnies.  So on my first trial run I tried various fruits.

I shook them in lemon juice which helps avoid the browning process.  The ones you buy in the store have additives that make them retain their pretty colors but with Murphy's liver problems I want to avoid any chemicals at all costs. 

In reading the book that came with it I was amazed at all I can do with it. Of course I can dry my herbs for cooking quickly and avoid dust getting on them as they hang to dry.  I can also dry tomatoes, and make them make into powder for additives to sauces or instant soups or have you ever seen the price on sun dried tomatoes?  Have you ever bought minced onions in the spice isle?   Not to mention craft things.  I'm thrilled with my new little gadget.

the end result all dehydrated:

Although the birds don"t seem too thrilled with the end results, they are a big hit with the Bunny's.  I have to say they taste good. When I come home from work this is my buns  special treat with a few Cheerios.  And they Luuuvvv them!

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  1. I have one of these, also, and I love it too. Especially for tomatos, when there are too many in the garden. And dried apples, which my kids love, but that are so expensive in the store!