Monday, July 23, 2012

What's up in my Garden...

Last weekend I enlisted my husband Matt to help in extending
my flower bed since I have filled up my flower beds.


I was so thrilled to find this red Echineaca plant at
a flea market.  I have been looking at every green house I went to for the past 2 yrs with no luck.  This color was just developed.  Yay!! 
 A special flower that is planted right above where little Basil was buried.

Some  More garden pics of what I've been up to...

front flower bed

Another view.  The terracotta Rabbit plaque I hand carved and 
 really like how it looks hanging on a sheppard hook. 
I'm not liking the brown spot in my bush.  Will trim out when it cools off.
It was 99 today, too hot for bush trimming.

Some stepping stones I've made that I will sink into the grass or should I say ask my husband Matt to dig for me.  Ha Ha!  I do the fun stuff and he does the hard labor for me.

More garden pics to come!

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  1. Your gardens are so beautiful. Girlfriend you are just so talented. I can't believe all the things you can do.