Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Murphy to a new vet

Murphy hasn't been feeling well.
  I can tell as she's not active at all and if given
a choice she will stay in her cage all day.
Which is really unlike her.
I was given a referral to the following vet clinic.

I'm told that the vet I'm seeing is one of the leading vets in the country and consults the Detroit Zoo.  I called to see if I could afford to take Murphy there for a second opinion and was surprised to hear their price for an office call, and x-rays ran the same as the vet I was using.  I want to see if this vet  would prescribe the same treatment.
So we will be going to this vet on 11 Aug.  It's about 1 1/2 hrs. away.
I want to know that I did all I can and gave her a fighting chance with her liver problems.

Like I said earlier, Murphy doesn't like to leave her cage.  She loves to look out the window, so today I rolled her cage in front of the door.  She truly enjoyed it and came out
to sit on top of her cage.

She actually made little happy noises.  She hasn't talked at all since she hasn't been feeling well. I try really hard to do anything that she likes and make her happy.  It's really heart breaking to me to see her go from a loud busy vivacious bird , to one that sits quietly and doesn't want to be with me.  Very sad, but at least to day she had some enjoyment.

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  1. I bet she was really happy to be at the window. Looking forward to hearing how the visit with new vet goes. Keeping bunny ears crossed.