Sunday, November 18, 2012

I've been working on different gifts for Christmas.
I know we can run out and buy stuff and those
 are great too, but to me it seems there
 is nothing more special than a gift
someone took their time to make.
 Lets face it, we can all agree we
 never have enough time.
So when someone gives me
something they sat down and
created it's super thoughtful.
This weekend I made this carmel chocolate apple
 as a treat for my friends birthday to go
with her card and gift card.
I've wanted to make Christmas cards and FINALLY
I did.  bunny cards and horse cards.
My sister lost her bulldog so I made this necklace for her as
a little trinket gift.  I had to make myself one with Giddy.
I made some glycerin soaps this weekend.  I plan on giving them
to the horse barn peeps with a card.
And I've been crocheting dish cloths.  If you've never used them they are all I use.  They are 100% cotton.  I love them.  Doesn't look like much but one cloth takes me 2 nights to make.
I'm getting ready for German Nichalaus Tag.  I will explain in a future post as I'm waiting to pick those gifts up as they are being fired.  Fingers crossed they came out!

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