Monday, June 3, 2013

A few California riding pics

I've been so busy doing my spring planting outside
that I'm just getting to posting the riding trip pics.
I so love doing riding vacations, and Matt my husband
is not into riding but he does it for me. 
He's taken me on the best vacations of my life
while we do the things I so love and leaving
memories I will never forget.
I'm so grateful!
On the first day we started at the bottom in the valley
And rode up the hills to the top
All the way to the top, just as the fog rolled in, see the beach
below  behind us
Stopping for a drink

Playing in the water
riding through the redwoods
petting Jazzy's during a bathroom break!
Horses waiting while we ate lunch!
Just a wonderful time riding!


  1. happy birthday! and what an exceptional holiday, love your photos, so exciting!
    and love that last pic of the horses under the trees, they look like they could be decked out in feathers and war paint!!
    and love your painting of the dogs on the couch :)
    I hope Murphy is thriving!

  2. Thanks for stoping by and your nice comments. It was so much fun!And Murphy is doing great. She has is miss busy buddy and and reverted back to her old self. Calling "mama" and wanting to be with me every minute. She's been out in the garden with me lately on warm days and I'm so, so thankful she's just full of it lately. I love her soo much!