Thursday, June 20, 2013

How will my garden grow?

Well I’ve been busy gardening.   These are the May garden pic’s and I’ll take more through the summer.  So this is my first back yard (I lived in a condo previously) and I’m trying to use every inch to grow everything I can in my small little space.  I love animals, plants and nature.  They are my inspiration and bring me so much peace and relaxation.
My favorite thing, is on weekend morning to come out and sit on the deck in my PJ’s while it’s quiet.  I drink my morning diet Pepsi,  and motivate slowly.
This morning Murphy and Petey join me.
Maybe I'll bring my easel out and paint
 out here before it gets too hot.
This was a banged up table,  I told my husband to trash it
 on one of my clean up and get rid of excess junk days,
but then I had second thoughts and painted it and stuck it out on the deck.
Then this table had to get a fresh coat of paint to match.
This side garden I extended last year has filled in nicely
Have you noticed all my rabbit statues.  Can you tell I'm a bunny nut??
My husbands niece moved and gave him this old rust wheel barrel, with thoughts I’d find something to do with it in the garden, and I did. 

Our gold fish pond.
I keep adding plants around it
Pond Irises blooming that someone threw out
and gave to my step son.
Looking pretty and happy now.
Art fair find,  it sits on a pedestal.
Got a great deal, since she didn't want to lug him home.

 Every year my step son Cameron and I go plant shopping.
 This year we kind of over did it with the veggies.
If it all grows well it may be bursting at the seams.
This year I planted all my lettuce in my greenhouse. 
Got tired of the wild bunnies eating all  the lettuce I
planted for my salads and my bun's salads. 
This arbor was made from 3 trellis for my green
beans to grow over.  A family of little sparrows have
babies in the house.  It took a year of it sitting for them to finally use it.
And I'm SO excited that the plum tree I planted 3 summers ago
finally has plums.  I'm eager to see how big they get.

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