Sunday, November 24, 2013

After Mouth Surgery

Feeling much better and relaxing on the back of the couch.
When I first brought him home I was really scared the
first few days.  He looked so horrible,
I thought he might not make it.
He wasn't drinking or eating the baby food,
 I bought for him to lick.
Even with pain meds 2x per day he
 would lay and just moan in pain.  Broke my heart!
But now, I can tell he feels better.
He is becoming more outgoing again.  More vocal and expressive!

He has always preferred dry cat food.  I thought with being
toothless he'd have to get used to eating more soft cat food.
He shocked me after 4 days he actually went back
on his own to eating dry cat food.  It's very small morsels,
so he doesn't have to chew it and can swallow it one morsel at a time.
I'm so happy with his progress! 
And to think, I had several people say they wouldn't have paid
for his pricey surgery and would have put him down.
I will gladly go with less stuff, cut costs, take my lunch, dye my own hair
and smile at my rescue kitty that ended up with me and makes
me smile BIG!


  1. I am glad your puss is doing well.Love your animal loving here!
    New Follower. So many blogs I look at have cats as the stars!! Cats are just so much more interesting aren't they?
    We have a rescue cat.She's adorable!! She can be very naughty too, but that's life.