Monday, November 4, 2013

whats going on...

My poor Taz has been battling  severe gingivitis
To understand it take a look at this article.

He was approximately 4- when he came
 to live with us after my husband
found him on-line for me at a rescue.
 Pretty boy is so timid and was so traumatized
he lived under our bed for the first week
 with a litter box, and food and water

Now 8, We've tried all the treatments prescribed in the article.
Teeth Cleanings, steroids, antibiotics,
laser treatments and they help for a
short time.  The last treatments did nothing.
  He's had several teeth removed and the gums are
 nice and light pink where the teeth have been removed.
 They are severely inflamed & red where the teeth are.  It's a
extremely painful condition and the vet told me
 at his last removal when Finn was neutered
his gums were so bad they bleed at being touched.

 So on 12 Nov....

 Taz will be having surgery to remove
all his remaining teeth. 
The vet said the  canines are a large undertaking.
I have been told by many people who's cats have all teeth
 removed you would never know they are
toothless with the exception of drooling.
 Vet personnel tell me that he will do much better
 and be in less pain when they are all out. 
  So I will be on vacation that week, I scheduled his
surgery purposely so that I could keep an eye on him. 
He'll be on pain meds so I'm
praying all will go well for him.    

 I'm also hoping this little guy, does not pester him
as much.  They may need to be separated while Taz heals.
He looks all sweet and innocent but he lives up
to the  holy terror nick name. 
He jumps on everyone (critters) and tackles them!
Gwenie bun was not having any of that and let him know it
and sent him running and mowing!


I have also started doing physical therapy for a past
neck injury from a car accident
I don't want to celebrate too early but I am seeing some
improvement.  Finger's crossed I'll have less pain & migraines!
I haven't spent anytime this summer in my art room sadly.
My goal is to get busy at least a few times per week after work
in the evenings.  So hard to fit it all in. 
My priority has always been that
my animals get their daily attention,
so my art is taken a back seat.
I just gotta find time to do more art!

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