Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Finnegan!

Today Finn is 1 year old!
This is Finn on his way home in the car the day
we picked him up. 

And my big boy now!

He is a rambunctious, hellion that added
lots of spunk to our life!
A few pictures of our last year with Finn...

"What me?? I'm not doing nottin"

 "He's in the bed and I want it"
Finn has not outgrown his tendency
 to jump on other animals
and bites playing too rough.
He gets in trouble for it ! 



"you can't see me..."

"What?? It's not a cat bed for me?"

Waiting on the stool, patiently while Mom
gets our food ready
Cat napping.  He loves to sleep on his back

Boy's chillin,  As you can see Finn has shown Taz
that Jake doesn't eat cats and
 is a big pushover that can be shoved
out of his bed. 


 What a face!
He is a cuddle boy with me and at night sleeps at the top of my head
I love him to death and am so glad I got him!
Happy Birthday Finnegan!


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  1. Happy birthday! He is such a gorgeous cat. Gorgeous eyes and fur. What a wonderful family member.