Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shaking off the Winter Blas

My Birthday is the 6th of April
and my husbands is the 12th.
  So as a gift to each other
we treated ourselves to a little break
 away from the Michigan snow
So we headed to Naples Florida 

I just wanted a break from the cold, that had really
wore on me this winter.

I got to get warm sand between my toes....

Take in local wildlife
Relax and laugh
Walk on the beach...
Collect shells to make something with,
Drink some yummy frozen drinks,
 while we dined on a dinner cruise.
A fun, relaxing getaway which made turning 46 not so bad!
Our snow all melted, we were all excited in Michigan that we are
finally done with winter! and then last night we got surprised with 2 inches of snow.
This has to be the last of it!!!!



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