Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bunny Bonding

Every night we work a little on
bunny bonding
Ben is abnormally bonded to this
stuffed bunny.  I am trying to take it away.
He was not happy when I took it away
cold turkey. He is less aggressive when he
cuddles and grooms the stuffed
bunny and it's kind of a buffer.
Hazel wants to love on him and groom him
and he is into ignoring her mode.
or he lunges at her and grunts.
 In the morning he races over to
her cage first thing and they nose 
each other through the mesh.
   So hopefully that's a good sign??? 
Every night gets a little better. 
I try not to get discouraged
and stay optimistic
I'm in no great rush.
Hazel has no clue why
Ben is being such a poop,
as she's just a sweetie.
She fits in perfectly with
all the other animals
in the house.
My goal is bunnies that will
be bonded without
any serious injuries.

Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Natasha, Nice to meet you and thanks for your comment; I probably WON'T part with that hare, he's become a bit of a muse. I see you have lots of living muses in your house, they are just beautiful. Your artwork is quite marvelous as well. It seems you stay as busy as I do!

  2. It requires SO much patience, that's for sure. ugh! You know I am wishing ya luck with us yet either.