Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pottery Bunnies and Flowers

Just sharing some of my pottery creations for
the garden that I have made...
This large bunny plaque is approximately
14"x18" and I will hang it somewhere outside on
my house. It was just an unplanned piece that
just kind of happened and I love it. 
The bunny pots are a new idea.
These are my first ones that I have made
and I gave them as gifts.
I made the bunnies
appliqués in terra cotta clay

and later applied them to
store bought terra cotta pots
with liquid nail after they
were fired.   Then stained and glazed
them together.
I will be experimenting with doing
more of these.
Also to go with the pots I made garden markers.
Just to stick wherever you want... 

I'm thinking of warmer days
and greener times in Michigan!

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