Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's been a while....

Since my last post but I have been busy....

So this is me organizing
my art room
closet which holds
all my supplies of stuff I've collected
 to make future works of art. Right?
 Only I couldn't even step in the closet
 to see what I needed for
 my future art project.
This is mid way through
and items are being
organized into new plastic bins
on the right of the picture.
Notice Miss nosey...Hazel May
 has to see what
I'm doing and check it out.
So everything was organized
and put into
bins or boxes and labeled
I found these little chalkboard stickers
It may not look like those fancy
 closet redo's where
all the bins match and it looks
 all pretty but this
is very functional and neat.
  I know where my
supplies are and I can actually
 walk in and look around.
I also repotted Geranium roots
 from last summer
and they are blooming nicely
 on my make shift
ironing board shelf in my art room.
They will be going out to my
greenhouse if it ever stops snowing.
We got 3" of snow yesterday!
I made myself this little caddy
with some flowerpots I
bought on clearance which
I glued to an old
lazy susan I spray painted.
I  went through all my bins
 and organized them.
I found tons of art paper,
I didn't even know
I had.  Now I have papers
on the top shelf
and canvases and art boards
on the bottom
It is nice to have an organized work area.
I also managed to go through and dispose
of 4 boxes of old files.  I was shocked to find income tax
returns from 1987! WHAT THE HECK ?!?!?
Guess I was due for a major clean out eh?
The thing is.... I consider myself a
neat freak who's organized.  Guess there's
always room for improvement!

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