Friday, April 24, 2015

Daily Life with Big Buns

So I thought I'd show my weekly
 cell pics of the life and times
 of my bunny life.
A lot of cuteness with some big ears!
Hazels first time outside as the snow melted
Hazel is much braver than Benny- or Boo as I
call him.  She is all over the place and
extremely out going like my Gideon was.
She is not supposed to be 
in the bowl on my coffee table!
I don't think she knows that she is not a cat
sitting on the back of the couch.
Hazel thinking maybe...
 I can sneak up on Finnegan
The handiwork of Hazel pulling the
plant down off the 6 ft top of the
armour.  I was not pleased but I couldn't
get mad at her.
Had to drop everything,
vacuum, steam clean
and repot my plant
Thank goodness the dirt
wasn't wet or it would have been worse!
As I mentioned Boo is a big chicken.
So I found him this "dog house" at
a discount store for $20.  I figured at
least this way he would have something to
hide in when he's outside with me while
I garden.  He seems to like it.
We had a warm close to 70's day,
so this is the 1st day both buns
got to be outside.  Hazel's first ever.
I put them both in the veggie garden area
while I was cleaning up winter yuck in my
flower beds.  They are separated cause I
was busy and couldn't watch them and work.
Boo still has his moments.
Boo seemed to like Hazel
outside with him.
Hazel loves Ben and grooms him.
Benny Boo still has
cranky days where he
lunges at her and
has left  her fur flying.
Everyday gets a little better with
these two. Yes they are a bunch
of work but I feel so blessed
to have these two big buns
in my household of critters!

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