Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy Thoughts

So now I am back to work at a job that I don't love,
I am grateful I have it....don't get me wrong.  I have
had it for 24 yrs.  I have good benefits, insurance and
retirement in 8 yrs.  I just don't love going there
especially when I currently have a co-worker that
annoys the crap out of me.
My solace is that eventually they will be
transferred out for a promotion.
So like I said I have 8 years until I
can retire... and my thoughts this morning
as I was getting ready to leave for work was
to look around and focus on the positive
things that make me happy and bring me
joy and  not going to work. 
  So these are the
things I looked at this morning
to make me happy
before I left
Watching my bunnies get all happy
and excited for their breakfast

My happy bunny room

My art room, yes it is a mess at the moment
but that makes me happy...
because I am using it!!!

I am in the process of carving a
memorial bunny plaque
 that will hang on the wall
outside where Giddy and Gwennie
are buried.

I also have been painting and working to
complete this painting

You can see the fish tank  behind my easle

They were moved inside from the pond,
the only survivors as a heron
feasted on all our fish
So these guys are staying safely
in the tank and make me smile!

A quick stroll outside and
the bright colors of the flowers
make me happy. 
Also I might add... I couldn't have bought
the  flowers without the job
that gives me money!

Finding old junk someone tossed
away and redoing it makes
me happy.  That is what I did with the
red wheel barrel crate.

I love having vines grow up stuff...
It just makes me feel like I'm in a
jungle.  Happy to see the seedlings
I planted grow like crazy
I almost can't see out my kitchen window!
So I am going to make a conscious effort
to focus on my positives...