Thursday, July 2, 2015

Spinal Fractures

This girl put my out of commission.
While riding her another
horse spooked and set of a
chain reaction which resulted
with me hitting the
dirt.  Although in a lot pain,
I thought that my hip was
knocked out and a trip to the chiro
would set me straight.
However as I drove home
I knew the intense pain
was more than something just
being knock out.
When I reached home
 I couldn't get out of the truck
and my husband said you're
going to the Emergency Room.
After many tests I was
admitted and ended
up fracturing L1-L4 bones.
Thankfully no organs
were injured.  
I have to say I think it was
the most pain I've ever felt
in my life, and I've had
a few intense injuries
that hospitalize me much
longer than this one.  
It was quite
humbling & scary to
need help to get to the bathroom
or into the shower and
not being able to even
sit up or roll over in bed.
I am thankful that I will
totally recover.
I am so grateful for my husband.
He did everything for me.
Drove me, helped me walk,
helped me get up, took care
of the household and all
my fur/feather babies.
He's a saint!
I couldn't do anything and am
on disability for another week.
I'm happy to say I am slowly
getting better.
....the first question
everyone asked, is are you
going to ride again?
At first I didn't know, I was
in so much pain.  As the pain eases
I want to ride again.
...And yes I plan to get
back on her. 
I obviously can't until the
bones heal and I get the
OK from the spinal surgeon.
Although I am scared
to death of ever experiencing
pain like this again, the
thought of never riding
again brings tears to my
eyes.  I will take it
one step at a time.
So for now, I can clean and
condition my saddle
while I sit and recover.
And with my husbands
help  clean out my
tack box.
I have been forced
to slow down and
stop and smell the flowers.


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