Monday, August 29, 2016

Floor Redo

The carpeting in the big bun room and my art room was the last old flooring in the house.  I hated it and it drove me crazy.  Old carpet that had been there since God knows when.  Ick!  Everything has a life span and this had out lived its. The problem was that in order to have new carpet laid, I'd have to get everything out of the room.  Which was impossible.  Benny's cage was built in the room and I would have to break apart to get it out.
The same is the case for my art counter. I decided to do vinyl flooring.
I special ordered the flooring color I liked and my husband picked it up.
It is supposed to stay in the room for 72 hrs. 
to acclimate to the room. 
According to the online videos, it was easy to install and you could put stuff on it during the process.  So I could do half the room and move furniture on it as I moved across the room.
So my husband and I did the bunny room first.
I measured and  cut the flooring and he put it down.
It's Allure flooring from Home Depot. 
It is waterproof and can be used in bathrooms or
basements.  The boards could be cut with a razor knife.

I LOVE IT!  I'm thrilled with the color I chose. 
It's clean, fresh and new. 
You don't see every little piece of lint or bunny hair.   
Now the buns were not happy at first. 
It is like an ice skating rink for them
without the throw rugs. 

but I don't mind having a bunch of throw rugs
 so that they can hop around upstairs.
My husband and I were supposed to do my art room together
the following weekend, but he surprised
me and did it during the week while he was off. 
I love, love, love it!  It is one of my favorite rooms
with all my art stuff.  I feel truly
grateful to have a room all my own to
make my art in.
The buns also have rugs in this room
to keep them from slipping.
I made a new table skirt which has swirls
in it that kind of goes with the green area rug.
I am just totally thrilled with the outcome and would
recommend it as a great way to DIY
floors easily....especially when you have
giant pieces of furniture and you don't
have the room or means to
move them into another room

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