Monday, August 1, 2016

Sharing my garden

I have been spending a lot of my extra
time in the garden.
sitting on the deck
The new garden beds around the green house have filled in.
I am really in to using herbs this year.
medicinal  herbs to help with my insomnia
& cooking herbs.
I have been drying and
 preparing them to use later.
I plan to make up some seasoning mixes and tea mixes
This year I added 5 rose bushes.
hoping they will flourish
I'm calling these two my Loranger roses
since my husband bought them for me at
a nursery we stopped at on the way to
find my 2x Great Grandfather's
 Peter J. Loranger's and relatives graves.
Peppers and bunny lettuce

 and more bunny lettuce!
I am attempting pumpkins for
the first time.
A bug house my friend
Connie surprised me with!
I love it.
The purple flower has attracted humming birds
which I was thrilled to see 2 times.
Once when I was sitting next to it with
my parrot Murphy on my shoulder.
This pot I planted with 2 plants.
I love how it filled in.
this bunny pot I made for a
a business idea I have in the future. 
I have to test out how it holds up outside.
I love lanterns,  and sitting here you can hear
 the gurgling of the pond
fountain which is soothing and sounds peaceful
yes there is a gold fish pond  in there
with many happy feeder fish that escaped 
being dinner and are living the dream!
On the weekends when it's not to hot
the birds get to have breakfast outside. 
I've planted all my favorites and
it feels lush and full to me.
Ferns are another favorite of mine 
I hope you are enjoying your summer.
I love, love, love gardening!
and I am so grateful to have a
lovely little yard to grow pretty
things in.  Nature seems to love it too
as the robins ate every single cherry I was
excited to see this year and never got to enjoy.
Also something....probably a squirrel 
ate all the green plums before
they turned purple and all
the sunflower tops off before they
even bloomed.  I guess my yard was a good
thing in the middle of  a hot drought.
I have many bird baths and water sources for
bugs and ground animals.
The robin babies that nested on my front porch
area were able to stay full on
cherries and raspberries.
At first I wasn't too pleased and then I remembered
that passage in the Bible that
said God provides even for the smallest bird
so maybe I was his helper to provide for them.
This little bird house
is also on it's 3rd set of
hatchlings of eggs
THIS summer!
Have a Wonderful summer!


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