Monday, December 4, 2017

Adjusting to life without Finnegan...

Since Finnegan is gone little Henley has
 no buddy to hang out with during the day.
Her and Finnegan would always sleep by
each other.
Although Taz is in the room with her all day snoozing
on the bed he doesn't want to be friends
She tries to go up to him and make friends
and he is just growls at her.
There are no worries about him hurting her
as he has no teeth or claws on any feet.
He's pretty much defenseless- poor old guy.
In case you don't know... I had to have his
teeth removed due to the teeth attacking the gums. 
It was very painful for him.  He came with no claws
when we adopted him at the humane society.
I feel bad and have let Henley have supervised time out
in the livingroom.  The girl buns seem to
want to chew on my fairly new carpet, so
it's off limits to them most of the time.
She gets to come out on the weekends.
Here she decided to hop upstairs
to investigate where the big buns live.
After about 30 minutes she usually hops back
to my bedroom on her own.

She likes to spend her days in a cat house under my bed.
   She's has always been the best potty trained bunny
.  She even took it upon herself to use the cat litter
 boxes by herself even though she
has her own bunny litter box in her little kennel area.

I think Henley and Taz are adjusting to Finnegan
no longer being with us.  I would say
Henley misses him more that Taz. 
Taz is all about himself ... He is now very demanding
for extra cuddles, attention and playtime.
So now we will be a one cat household
and Taz will be loving all the
extra attention.

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