Friday, June 23, 2017

Feathered House Guest

This is Cartuu.  She is an African Grey
that my close friend has rescued from a situation
where she wasn't getting the proper care.
She will be staying with us for a month
while my friend is overseas.
Although quite cautious, she seems
to enjoy coming out of her cage
and siting on top

She will allow me to pet her at
night for cuddles and closes her eyes.
She will not get on my arm yet.
That's fine though.  She has company
and doesn't seem stressed
and that is the main goal. 
Since we don't have a lot of free
space, she is set up here for
the next month.  It seems to
work out fine with the other
birds.  I am making
sure they get the same attention.
Although they are in the same room they
are all kept separate so
there is no biting each other.
I'm very glad it's  Friday and
I am hoping for a relaxing weekend and some
time in my art studio!
Have a great weekend!

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