Friday, June 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

Boo turns 6 today!!!!

I am thrilled he is still with me.  He's the oldest giant I've had
so far.  He is considered to be a very old man.  Giant rabbits
have s shorter life span than the smaller guys.
 This old guy is living the good life.

He lives inside and is cage free 24 hrs a day.  He has a big cage that
I remade from an old kitchen cabinet someone got rid of.
The doors are open for Hazel and
him to go in and out all the time.

They are litter box trained.

His days are spent cuddling with his love Hazel.

Always together these two are.

Even with air conditioning they enjoy the fan.  Big buns get hot.

I grow them lettuce & herbs which
they eat everyday.

With him being so elderly my heart stops
at times when I find him sleeping like this!

Everynight we cuddle

A gentle giant he surely is!

Such a sweet boy, I love you dearly
and hope to have you around
as long as I possibly can!

1 comment:

  1. He is just precious!!! What a happy boy he is. Here's to a long, long, life!