Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Creative lessons

Not  everything always goes as planned.  I have learned a few
things by trial and error. Just a  simple painted plate, but
I learned with this one that the white glaze
no matter how thick doesn't show up well over dark colors. 
In the future I will pay closer attention to my light colors.

Not sure why the color pulled away from
the edges of the flower petals.
I will apply thick coats of dark
color if I want the solid effect
I do like the tan glaze with the green flecks in it though.

This one has a copper color metallic flecks along with green specks.

Hmm this one... all I can say is I do like the green
glaze with the blue spots.

Kind of cool, I think.
On to my next inspiration
Many ideas... just never enough time!


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