Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My first Glaze Firing

I'm excited to show off a few of my first glaze firing.
This is my favorite...I think.

I love the green glaze pattern on the bowl!

As you can see below when they go in to fire
the colors look nothing like when they come out.

Many things can go wrong as the glaze heats up to
1800 degrees.  All items are put on stilts so that they
do not permanently bond to the shelves
that they sit on. The shelves are pricey, so  I just prayed I did
everything correctly on my first go around.

Thankfully all came out great.  Including my
9 year old nieces creations. 
I will brag about her bowl later as it's a birthday gift
for her Mama and I don't want to ruin
the surprise!

Cute little daisy bowl

This post can't express how excited and thrilled I
am to have my own automated kiln at home.
It's a dream come true and  sometimes I have to pinch
myself.  I am in awe and so thankful
of how Blessed I am.

This little violet bowl, I experimented with washing the
glaze thinly.  I wanted to see if it would
replicate a kind of water color effect.

I am pretty happy with my first run.  I will share more pieces later.
All these take  quite a few hours per bowl. 
Especially when you are experimenting and trying new things.


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