Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Celebrate Fall

Fall is my #1 favorite season.
I love the coziness of it
and to celebrate fall  I started
decorating my house for
fall a few years ago.
I warms up the dark nights until
Christmas and it makes me happy.
I'm a firm believer
in making things look pretty
to make your everyday brighter.
Corny but it does make me feel
better as the dark Michigan winter
is around the corner.
I add a few little
fall things on our entry
way table
I do my faux fireplace mantel above.
This cement fireplace was my parents
and I have pictures of me standing
in front of it when I was 3.  I add leaves,
lights and ceramic pumpkins
I do the same for the real
On the side table in the dining room
I display some pumpkin plates, lights
and gourds.
On the front porch I have
lanterns that I fill with
strands of lights and
fake leaves.  I was thrilled to
find gold lights at Hobby Lobby
this year.  I like them better
than the orange lights actually.
Orange is not my favorite color.

The pumpkins are fake.  I
got tired of the squirrels
chewing up my real ones
so I got these.
I painted this little sign.
It says " I can feel fall
dancing in the trees"
Then at night the lights
cozy everything up for me.


I can't help it...
Not sure if I ever mentioned that
I'm a Visual Merchandiser.
What I do for a living is
decorate stores and display
merchandise for stores.  So
that's why I like decorating a lot.
Now days they don't do the
big elaborate displays
like the shop windows.
It's more simplified and
more centered around graphic
signing, but it kind of
explains why I like decorating.


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