Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Feeling Short On Time

I have been trying to work on fall cleaning
in the yard and decorating for fall.
It just seems to be taking me longer than usual.
Maybe this is why... 

Usually I take a week off work in September but
I didn't this year as I'm saving my vacation
leave to use later this year.
Being an animal Mom is time consuming.
There is always lots of cleaning and vacuuming of fur.

Each animal has their needs & wants
for love and attention everyday!

Finn is always into something..

Henley gets cuddles every night while I
watch some TV.

 During the day Finn and Henley hang out. 
Here Finn is enjoying  the new a cozy drawer
bed I made with a feather pillow inside.

Every night my big buns look for their time and cuddles.
Hank has now become accustomed to it too.

and every week the
birds get their bath so
their feathers don't dry out.

In the summer I garden
and make up bunny veggies
or make treats which include
baking and dehydrating

The parrots also get cooked food and fresh fruits daily

Not to mention
cleaning the
7 - big litter boxes we have
in our house.
2 cat boxes are sifted daily
and the 5 bunny boxes are
dumped completely and
filled with fresh
hay and shavings
 every other day.

I'm kind of a neat freak and
like everything clean
all the time.

and last but not least my
horse Hottie which
I board at a barn and go
out to see and ride a
minimum of 3 days per week.

I am so thankful for my wonderful
husband that helps me all the time with
all of the animals.  I'm grateful that he loves animals
and puts up with all my craziness.
It is obvious the animals all love him.  They
are a good judge of character.  Even
Finn loves him, even after Matt has been giving
him daily heart meds.

So I guess it kind of makes sense when I look at
why maybe I feel like I'm behind
due to being a little
short on time but ....

I know it seems like insanity...
but I believe it is my
calling and I can't imagine a
life without animals in it.
So maybe I am a little behind
on some things but that's because
it is filled with so much more!

It a world where it seems there
is so much tragedy going
on, I think it is good to
focus on the good things
that bring purpose to your life!

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